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Kevin Costner hits out at estranged wife Christine's claims she felt pressure to sign prenup

Kevin Costner hits out at estranged wife Christine's claims she felt pressure to sign prenup

The Bodyguard actor is in the middle of a bitter divorce with his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner.

As the legal battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner continues, the A-Lister has hit out at his ex-wife.

The Bodyguard actor pulled no punches as his legal team refuted claims that Baumgartner felt ‘pressured’ to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Despite this legal document, the couple are still involved in their bitter divorce.

Prior to their idyllic Aspen wedding in 2004, the pair signed a pre-nuptial agreement which has stood for the last fourteen years.

When Baumgartner filed for divorce on May 1 though, she not only ended her 18 year-long marriage, but also set about to challenge the legal document.

The Bodyguard actor is involved in a bitter divorce.

The designer has since claimed that she ‘didn’t fully understand’ the agreement, adding that she also ‘felt pressured to sign the agreement because of the circumstances surrounding its execution’.

For those who are unaware, Costner had been previously married to Cindy Silva and ended up paying his former spouse £62.7 million ($80m) after his first marriage ended.

In spite of this, the Bodyguard actor has hit out at Baumgartner’s claim.

As their legal battle continues, the A-lister's legal team pushed back against the allegations and said that her ‘ambiguous language’ proves she willing to sign the document.

They even submitted papers to the court about this, writing: "This contradicts the unambiguous language in the PMA wherein Christine represented in all caps that she 'voluntarily' and 'free from duress, fraud or undue influence' entered into the agreement."

They then pointedly added: “Christine cannot have her cake and eat it too.”

However, the attorneys were far from finished.

The couple had been married for 18 years.
Getty/Future Publishing / Contributor

His legal team continued in their attack against the A-lister's ex-wife and insisted that she ‘understood’ the document.

"Christine asserts she cannot admit or deny that she understood the Premarital Agreement because she (and apparently all of her attorneys) do not understand the word 'understood'," wrote the Yellowstone actor’s team.

"This is gamesmanship of the worst sort. 'Understood' is not a technical or arcane word."

Sadly, it seems that their divorce is not likely to be settled any time soon – with both sides wracking up huge legal fees.

According to People Magazine, Costner has already paid over £77,600 ($99k) as he attempts to block the prenup from being challenged.

If he is successful, Baumgartner may end up paying for his litigation as well as her own.

Meanwhile, the Robin Hood star is reportedly giving his former wife over £101,7000 ($129,755) in child support each month.

A trial in November has been set to hear the validity of the prenup.

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