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Katie Price reignites 20-year-old feud with Victoria Beckham

Katie Price reignites 20-year-old feud with Victoria Beckham

The issues began all the way back in 1999

Katie Price is absolutely no stranger to drama.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the ex-glamour model and reality star will make the headlines each week after being papped.

But something none of us saw coming was the launch of The Katie Price Show, a podcast in which Katie spills the tea and gives us even more to talk about.

It doesn’t get any better than gossip straight from the source.

In a recent episode when Katie was talking about music she loves from the 90s, listeners were shocked when the conversation took a sharp turn and a feud between Katie and Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham reemerged.

Katie said: "I remember them days with Victoria Beckham, yeah I do.

"When she sang 'who let the dogs out' to me in the Manchester United lounge!"

It’s alleged that this incident took place back in 1999, but Katie clearly hasn’t forgotten about it.

In 2004, Katie attempted to get her own back by saying at the time: “I don't think she's pretty, I don't think she's good looking."

Then in 2012, Katie took another swipe, branding her ‘misery spice’ after Victoria didn’t smile when being photographed at the Spice Girls’ Viva Forever musical red carpet night.

The Katie Price and Victoria Beckham feud apparently goes back to 1999.
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty

She said: “Cue Misery Spice, who couldn't muster up a single smile for all those fans who have made her what she is.

"It felt more like a case of her thinking: 'I'm in fashion now dah-lings. All this is just SO beneath me'. But scowl at your fans like that for much longer, Posh, and they'll be telling you to frock off."

Despite this war of words, Katie apparently put an end to the bad blood in 2022 when she called Victoria ‘stunning.’

Tyla has reached out to representatives of Victoria Beckham for comment.

Katie’s podcast has given listeners a treasure trove of gossip to enjoy.

Other than shedding some light on her cat fight with Posh, Katie had previously dished the dirt about all sorts, including having a ghost living in her house, her ‘addiction’ to cosmetic surgeries, and how to handle social media trolls.

Katie Price and JJ Slater are now official.

She has also opened up about her relationship with Married at First Sight star JJ Slater.

Her sister, Sophie, asked: "Kate, are you in a relationship? Because in some of our past episodes, you’ve said, you know, I’m not in a relationship with JJ, we’re just friends, and some of our listeners are calling you out on it, so, what’s your response?"

Katie then confirmed: "Calling me out or not, I wasn’t in a relationship. But this week we’ve gone official."

“From the time the last pod came out, things have changed, things change every day."

The pair have since gone Instagram official, with Katie saying JJ ‘ticks every box.’

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@katieprice / Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty

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