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Kate Winslet reveals film crew had to be sent out while filming ‘absurd’ intimate scenes in new series

Kate Winslet reveals film crew had to be sent out while filming ‘absurd’ intimate scenes in new series

She's clearly no stranger to shooting the steamier scenes...

Kate Winslet has an extremely impressive portfolio of work behind her following her decade-spanning career in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old British A-lister is clearly no stranger to shooting, let's say, steamier scenes, with that one particular Titanic moment coming to mind.

And she doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon as Kate is now set to star in her latest project, The Regime, which will be available to watch in the UK at the end of this week (8 April). Check out the official HBO trailer here:

Kate has since revealed that the film crew had to be sent out while filming 'absurd' intimate scenes in the new drama series.

The darkly comedic, six-episode series tells the story of life within the walls of a modern authoritarian regime as it unravels.

Kate, who plays an authoritarian chancellor of a fictional European country called Elena Vernham, revealed it was pretty hard to stay in character when filming such scenes in the American political satire television miniseries.

The star-studded series, which comes from the minds of Succession creator, Will Tracy, also featuring Hugh Grant, Guillaume Gallienne, Andrea Riseborough and Martha Plimpton as well as Rust and Bone's Matthias Schoenarts who plays Kate's love interest name Corporal Zubak.

Naturally, the duo get hot and heavy a lot throughout the series and it seems their steamy scenes were sometimes a tad too much for even the film crew to handle.

Speaking at a HBO press conference, Kate revealed: "We did have a couple of moments when things would happen that were so funny that people had to be sent out."

Kate Winslet opened up about filming 'absurd' sex scenes in The Regime.

Without giving too much away, one scene sees Kate's character stick her fingers in Zubak’s mouth.

Naturally, this leads to his character biting her - which subsequently sparked a pretty intense sex scene.

The Oscar award-winning actor continued: "When we were shooting episode five, Elena and Zubak having sex.

"And she’s screaming at him, 'No biting! No biting!' two people had to be sent out for laughing."

She carried on: "Matthias had all these fake tattoos. He was getting sweatier and sweatier and they just kept sort of rubbing off on parts of my body.

"I was like, 'This is really like I’ve got the newspaper printed on me'."

The Regime will be available to watch on Sky or Now TV in the UK from Sunday (8 April).

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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