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Jessie J opens up about ‘intense storm that is postpartum’ in emotional post

Jessie J opens up about ‘intense storm that is postpartum’ in emotional post

The 'Price Tag' singer shared various honest snaps as fans praised her for 'keeping it real'

Jessie J has opened up about the ‘intense storm that is postpartum’ in an emotional post.

We always love the ‘Price Tag’ singer’s honesty on Instagram, and her recent upload doesn’t shy away from it.

In May this year, Jessie J welcomed her first child, an adorable boy named Sky Safir Cornish Colman.

Since before the birth, the star kept fans up to date with her pregnancy reality and now shares moments from her motherhood journey.

Jessie J shares Sky with her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman and often includes sweet snaps of them together.

Her most recent post features a carousel of images, all showing the singer in a variety of states, starting off with a super-cute photo of her baby slumped asleep in her arms as she smiles gorgeously.

Jessie J is now mum to adorable son Sky.

Another photo shows her postpartum body in her Calvin Kleins, before a tired-out selfie.

Other snaps of motherhood include her looking fed-up with some baby food, her smiling as she wakes up in bed and gorgeous mirror selfies.

One hilarious video also shows Jessie J with a baby face filter she laughs and says ‘looks like Sky’.

But the final image is less-happy selfie with the ‘Domino’ singer seeming to be crying and makeup free.

Jessie J wrote in the caption: “For myself and anyone else who needs this…"

And then listed: “The joy, The depression, The happiness, The rage, The sass, The pain, The magic, The exhaustion, The tears, The laughter, The new, The fear, The ups, The downs, The relentlessness, The sexiness, The confidence, The loneliness, The old, The guilt, The change, The bliss, The lost, The found.

“Love yourself through it all. You are doing it and you are going to get through the intense storm that is postpartum.”

She included a snap of her postpartum body.

Fans praised Jessie J’s honesty, with one writing in the comments: “Thank you so much for everything you are doing to normalise this experience for a generation. We appreciate you.”

Another put: “I cannot thank you enough for being so real."

While a third wrote: “You will be helping so many people in the same situation as you, simply by sharing your experience.”

Many also called her a ‘queen’ for ‘keeping it real’.

Jessie J previously opened up about her struggles in motherhood as she confessed she had never been so tired in ‘all her life’ after not sleeping for 'three days'.

Sharing a sweet video of Sky resting, the star wrote: “Legit haven’t slept in three days. Daddy away so all me. And he has turned into a snoring gremlin clarinet. Help.

“I have never been this tired in all my life. Hugging all the mums and dads doing it alone right now. Delusional, exhausted and doing your best. You the MVP.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @‌Jessiej

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