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Viewers slam Jason Momoa for 'rude' treatment towards Nigella Lawson during TV appearance

Viewers slam Jason Momoa for 'rude' treatment towards Nigella Lawson during TV appearance

The Aquaman actor has been slammed as 'bad-mannered'

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has found himself in hot water with British fans this week after appearing to turn his back on a national treasure.

Appearing on much-loved day-time TV series The One Show on Monday night (11 December), the American actor was catching up with hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas to promote his upcoming movie Aquaman 2.

Jason, 44, was joined on the famous green BBC sofa by Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt and widely-adored television chef Nigella Lawson.

But minutes into the presenter's interview with the Hollywood star, viewers became enraged by his dismissive nature towards 63-year-old cooking connoisseur Nigella.

When it came to Cold Feet actor James' turn to answer the hosts' questions, Jason - sat in the middle - shuffled in his seat to explicitly turn his back on Nigella, giving his fellow actor all of his attention.

Now, the ex-Game of Thrones star is being slammed online for his 'bad manners', with some viewers calling for him on social media to apologise to food writer Nigella.

Jason was called out for acting rudely to Nigella.

"How bad mannered … turning his back on Nigella, cutting her out of the conversation," one X user wrote online last night.

Another pointed out: "Awkward body language as Jason Momoa turns his back on Nigella… what’s that all about?"

"Very rude body language by Jason Momoa, putting his back to Nigella," a third agreed.

And another went on: "this Jason bloke is rude sitting with his back to Nigella".

While a fifth demanded to know: "Why is Jason Momoa pointedly sitting with his back to Nigella Lawson?"

Nigella appeared disappointed to have been neglected.

This isn't the first time that Jason has faced backlash for his live television antics, however.

Earlier this year, the former Baywatch star was accused by Native Hawaiians of 'prostituting' their culture in the States.

Despite him being a Native Hawaiian himself - having been born in Honolulu - the criticism first came in October last year after shared a snap from a fishing trip in which he is dressed in a Malo - a traditional Native Hawaiian garment.

He was accused by people in the comment section of 'sexualising' the clothing, and though many opted to give him the benefit of the doubt, he later stripped off wearing a Malo on live TV during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Some Native Hawaiians were not happy with the star following his appearance on the show.

One viewer called his behaviour "the most disgusting display of pick-me behaviour I've seen from an Indigenous person in Hollywood to date."

And another accused him of "very publicly prostituting and commodifying our culture."

LADbible Group approached Jason for comment at the time.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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