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Gemma Collins says she's cancelled her wedding to fiancé Rami Hawash

Gemma Collins says she's cancelled her wedding to fiancé Rami Hawash

The former TOWIE star has called off her wedding

Gemma Collins has cancelled her wedding and said she'll only tie the knot with fiancé Rami Hawash under one condition.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star had her heart set on a venue but has now revealed she's pushing back the big day, despite her and Rami still being very much together.

During an interview to promote Plusnet's That's A Plus campaign, Collins made the candid admission about her upcoming nupitals.

Collins said: "I am going to be really honest, I have no real interest…that is what I want to do.

"I am going to do a J-Lo. She got married at 50. I’ll do a J-Lo and I’ll get married at 50."

I would hasten to add that Jennifer Lopez has been married a few times before she turned 50, but I digress.

Gemma Collins is pumping the brakes on her wedding.

Collins, who is 42, continued: "There is no rush and I am living life. There is still so much I want to do.

"Me and Rami are both free spirits, he has been married before and funnily enough we were looking at pictures of us and we have known each other for so long.

"We have agreed that if we are both still together at 50 then we will do it."

The delay is also down to Collins wanting to focus on welcoming her first child.

The reality star, who has polycystic ovaries syndrome, has struggled to conceive for a while and is looking for additional help, with her calling the whole thing 'a nightmare'.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate added: "If anything, you’d want a baby before you get married. The big day is not a priority, I’d rather spend the money on working out how I can have a baby.

"I cannot seem to get a doctor and I am looking to find a fertility doctor who can help me."

Gemma Collins announced she was holding off on marrying just yet.

This comes as she is set to launch Gemma's Dilemmas with Plusnet as a way to help the nation offload their problems.

She said: "I think everyone is so scared to say anything, the world has gone crazy.

"You can’t do anything now so Gemma’s Dilemmas is great because it gives people a chance to offload. I’ve got an opinion and I am not afraid to speak up. I am the person to speak to.

"I used to be so much more fun but now I am more censored – people are scared I will say something controversial but I am not scared to say it as it is.

"That is why I am the right person for these dilemmas. People love straight talking advice and I will give it to them."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gemmacollins