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Ferne McCann reveals why she drinks her own breast milk after admitting it was like 'liquid gold'

Ferne McCann reveals why she drinks her own breast milk after admitting it was like 'liquid gold'

The TOWIE star described breastfeeding her daughter as 'empowering'

Ferne McCann has never been one to shy away from speaking openly about the often-harsh realities of celebrity parenthood.

Having remained in the spotlight for over a decade, the former TOWIE star is famed for being a self-professed open book about the highs and lows of both her love life and parenting journey.

The mother-of-two, 33, has spoken proudly about her decision to breastfeed her six-month-old daughter Finty on several occasions in the past.

Appearing on Steph's Packed Lunch last year, the ex-I'm A Celeb star - who is also mother to seven-year-old daughter - even went as far as to describe her breast milk as 'liquid gold'.

And elaborating on her comment during a catch up with OK! this week, she revealed she even puts it in her morning coffee.

"People are like, ‘Ergh!’ But if it’s good enough for my baby..." she admitted.

"I would like to froth up some breastmilk and put it into Lorri’s morning coffee."

Speaking of her attempts to convince her partner and Finty's father to give it a go, she continued: "He’s absolutely disgusted and like, ‘No, absolutely not.’

Ferne and her six-month-old daughter Finty.

"But if we’re snogging, we’re sharing bodily fluids and when we’re intimate with each other – what’s the difference, darling?" she quipped.

As mentioned, Ferne is using her platform as a reality star to emphasise that the topic of breastfeeding should never be off limits, and admits she feels 'empowered' by feeding her daughter in this way.

"We know the health benefits and how incredible it is for the baby and for the mother as well," she explained.

"I understand that not everyone can breastfeed. Not every mother can do it physically for various reasons, but for me, it’s been such an empowering, beautiful and very intimate experience.

"Lots of people think you are attention-seeking, but you’re not," Ferne continued.

Mum-of-two Ferne with partner Lorri Haines and youngest daughter Finty.

"It’s literally capturing a moment of motherhood. For me, it [breastfeeding] has given me complete joy, peace and gratitude.

"I think, especially with motherhood, people online can be opinionated, which is fine. I’ve said before, I welcome the mum police in. It really doesn’t bother me."

And when it comes to the opinions of her often-vicious online followings, the Essex star is trying to be as equally resilient.

"Sometimes when people have an opinion that’s hurtful, I think, ‘But you’d probably like me if you got to know me in real life.’

"It can be really hurtful and I just tune out and tune in to those things that are really important to me."

Good on you, Ferne!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@fearnemccann

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