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Eminem's daughter Hailie hits back at rumours she's splitting up with fiancé Evan McClintock

Eminem's daughter Hailie hits back at rumours she's splitting up with fiancé Evan McClintock

Hailie and Evan have been dating since 2016

Eminem's daughter has hit out at rumours that she and her fiancé have split.

Hailie Mathers and Evan McClintock, who have been together since 2016 and got engaged in February, have been the subject of rumours that they have called it time on their relationship.

However, Hailie has been quick to hit back at certain tabloid headlines and clear a few things up as she spoke out on her podcast A Little Bit Shady.

Speaking alongside her co-host Brittany Ednie, Hailie explained how after a nightclub appearance, rumours began to swirl.

"We literally had people being like 'Are you guys okay?'. Like yeah, sorry we weren't tonguing each other at the club," she said. "Sorry, I don't know what people want."

She elaborated further: "Basically an article was written saying that we're splitting up because we were not by each other and we were with our respective friends at the club."

Hailie spoke out about the rumours of her and fiancé Evan splitting on her podcast 'A Little Bit Shady'.

Hailie went on to explain that she was exhausted on the night out in question and was 'physically there but mentally halfway there' and wasn't feeling 100 percent her party self, as she said: "I probably didn't look too cute, I probably looked angry."

She continued her explanation as she said: "It's like the opposite of the saying, like mentally we were there but physically if you looked at us from the outside we probably didn't look there."

Hailie and Brittany then discussed the article emerging which stated Hailie and Evan were split up after not spending much time together on this night out, with Hailie adding: "What do people want, like us making out?"

Brittany also added her thoughts as she said: "Here's the thing, you two are not ones for PDA ever. So it wasn't like it was one extreme to another.

Hailie and best pal Brittany Ednie discussed the article implying Hailie and Evan had split.

"I remember when we went to the Justin Bieber concert, Evan put his arm around you."

It just goes to show that we really shouldn't be judging a couple's relationship from just a few photographs!

Hailie is the daughter of US rapper Eminem and she got engaged to her boyfriend Evan McClintock in February.

The couple have been dating since 2016 and are known for keeping their love fairly private and even sharing very rare glimpses into their relationship on social media.

In July 2021, Hailie shared a picture of her and Evan kissing on Instagram as she wrote: "I rarely share my feed, but when I do I'm happy it's with you."

Hailie and Evan have been dating sicne 2016 but only share rare glimpses of their relationship.

When Evan popped the question earlier this year, he couldn't help but involve Hailie's famous father and asked Eminem for his blessing to get married.

Speaking on an earlier episode of Hailie's podcast after the pair announced their engagement, Evan explained: "It was over the holidays. I was just looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious.

"I saw your dad go downstairs and [thought], 'Alright. I got to do it right now or I'm not doing it today. I'm going to have to schedule some other time'."

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