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Chloe Madeley left furious as 'k***' husband James Haskell posts videos with girls in bikinis

Chloe Madeley left furious as 'k***' husband James Haskell posts videos with girls in bikinis

Reality star Chloe Madeley has unleashed a furious rant at her rugby pro husband James Haskell

Amid speculation regarding the status of her marriage to rugby star husband James Haskell, reality favourite Chloe Madeley has once again been left furious by his questionable Ibiza antics.

Rumours of trouble in paradise kicked off last week after ex-I'm A Celebrity star James, 38, was papped cosying up to a mystery woman during a night out in London.

James' representatives were quick to shut down rumours of indiscretions - saying the woman 'is a friend of James' group who he just met that night' - but in the days that followed Chloe, 36, posted several photos on Instagram without her wedding ring, prompting further speculation of a rift.

And during last night's instalment of ITVBe reality series A Family Affair, Chloe once again appeared unable to disguise her rage after discovering that part-time DJ James had posted several videos on Instagram of him partying with other girls in Ibiza.

In the weeks prior to the episode airing, however, the couple told press that one confrontation that would be featured on the show was their 'biggest row ever'.

Chloe appeared frustrated by James' holiday antics.

Speaking previously to The Sun, Chloe - who is the daughter of TV presenting duo Ricard and Judy - revealed she'd recently been left angry by James after he first posted the pictures of the 'other girls' a***s'.

"He's on Instagram uploading videos and photos of all these girls," Chloe tells viewers on last night's instalment of the hit new series, which follows the duo's lives as first-time parents.

"And I was like, 'I will kill you. I will fly to Ibiza and kill you.'"

The star continues: "He posted videos of him with loads of girls in thongs because he thinks that it like makes him look cool on social media.

"I'm like you're a k*** and you make me look like a k***. Stop doing it."

James regularly DJs in Ibiza.

Following her outburst on last night's instalment however, Chloe is seen to be assuring viewers that her fury with James isn't as serious as she originally implied.

"But he loves it," she laughs. "Honestly, at least he's having fun. You know what I mean."

But just hours before the latest episode aired, Chloe shared a rather cryptic post on Instagram, in which she appeared to be hinting at an emotionally turbulent few weeks.

Chloe has posted several Instagram photos without her wedding ring.

Posting a snap of her gorgeous daughter Bodhi - whom she shares with sportsman James. - she wrote: "I think about how lucky I am every day. Especially after the last few weeks. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Count your blessings."

And just hours ago, Chloe posted another statement on social media, thanking her fans for the 'BEYOND lovely messages' she has received since the episode aired.

"I love that so many of you are saying you find it funny and relatable," she wrote. "The goal was to keep it 100% real, which is scary, so to have so many mums and couples say this is exactly what they like about it is a huge relief, comfort and joy."

Chloe thanked her fans for their support.

Speaking in a recent interview, sports star James took an opportunity to address Chloe's concerns over his extended DJ trips to party destinations.

"My wife thinks DJing in Ibiza is a holiday - it's work," he told Unfiltered. "We've had a few arguments about it.

"I mean she's very supportive, but kind of extending your trip for a few extra days is probably taking the p**s a little bit."

"It's work, but it's fun. That's why everyone needs to be a DJ really," James added.

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