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Big Brother star Charlie Doherty, 39, reveals she has been diagnosed with brain tumour in heartbreaking post

Big Brother star Charlie Doherty, 39, reveals she has been diagnosed with brain tumour in heartbreaking post

The ex-reality star broke the tragic news on social media

Eight years after becoming a Big Brother fan-favourite, reality star Charlie Doherty has broken the news that she's been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Taking to social media, the star shared her announcement in a lengthy statement, revealing she'd endured 'ongoing' health issues for some time prior to being dealt the life-altering blow.

Fiery blonde Charlie strutted into the infamous on-screen house whilst it was being broadcast on Channel 5 all the way back in 2016, quickly becoming a firm favourite amongst viewers.

She featured on the controversial instalment which also included the likes of disgraced businessman Andrew Tate, jailbird-model Marco Pierre White Jr and Welsh TV star Lateysha Grace.

On the show, former stripper Charlie came face-to-face with former flame Jason Burrill, who sadly shut down another potential romance with her, leaving viewers disappointed.

After 32 days in the Big Brother house, Charlie finished in 13th place, whilst Jason went on to win the entire series and walk away the cash prize.

Since then - as well as appearing on BBC Three's Snog, Marry, Avoid - she has shared the ins and outs of her life with her impressive 32k social media following.

Charlie broke the news on Instagram.

Charlie has posted a plethora of snaps from her various travels across the globe, and in November 2022, she opened up about the birth of her newborn son, whom she'd named Charlie-Snow.

Much in the same way, it was Instagram that the reality star broke the heartbreaking news of her recent diagnosis.

"So I received some rubbish news this week…" she penned in the caption of a selfie. "I have been having some ongoing issues which has gone on a while and I pushed for an MRI which has resulted in them finding a brain tumour.

Charlie went on to speculate that spending too much time on her mobile phone, using sun-beds or visiting nightclubs with 'loud music' could have contributed to her condition.

Charlie appeared on Big Brother in 2016.

She added: "I have been researching and finding out as much as I can and I basically wanted to share awareness that this is happening more and more and to younger people,

"I don’t know if this was caused by environmental factors but if I was to hazard a guess it could be from mobile phone use in my right ear for a number of years/ sunbeds / nightclubs in loud music. That’s obviously just speculation as I don’t know enough about it yet. Other than it’s rare and does have treatment options. If anyone knows or has had this kind of tumour please let me know best treatments to be looked at and any advice you can give. To me this is a very alien subject scary and quite frankly shocking.

"The tumour is called an acoustic neuroma. Sorry to share such a negative list but I am very health conscious and worried. And any information people can give me (as well as the professionals) is all appreciated right now. Love and peace."

Naturally, Charlie's fans rushed to the comments to offer her their coldolences.

"I’m so sorry. That must be incredibly scary. Sending you love," one penned.

Another gushed: "So sorry to read about your diagnosis Charlie. I can’t imagine how you are feeling. I do know that this tumour doesn’t have a clue who it’s messing with".

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@charlie__doherty

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