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Carol Vorderman shares her strict rule with dating multiple men

Carol Vorderman shares her strict rule with dating multiple men

The star has previously opened up about her 'special friends'

Carol Vorderman has shared the strict rule she follows to ensure she has a harmonious life with her multiple ‘special friends’.

The 62-year-old star hit headlines earlier this year when she revealed she was happily dating several men at once.

Discussing her 'special friends' on Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers podcast back in January, Vorders explained that despite having multiple partners, she's 'not into one night stands'.

She didn't hold back when asked if she is currently in a committed relationship.

"No! I'm having the best time," Vorderman said. "I've spoken about this once. I have a system which I've had for 10 years. They're called 'special friends'.

"I spoke a couple of months ago about having 'special friends' and it was like, again, the world had fallen in for some people but actually what I found was there was an awful lot of women who said 'I'd never thought about it like this'."

She explained that while she isn't exclusive with any of her 'special friends', she admits that she has been in long-term relationships with some of them.

Vorderman was praised for talking about her arrangement.
This Morning

"One's 11 years, one's seven years, you know everyone is single. It's a happy place. I hasten to add I'm not into one night stands," the former Countdown star said.

"The language around a woman of my generation is that if you had more than one partner when you got married, you were this, [and] you were that.

"Everything was derogatory about a woman, that was the environment I was growing up in. It was like 'she's desperate', everything was judgmental.

"Well you can take all that and you can throw it out the window, that's my polite way of saying it."

Hear hear, pal.

She managed to raise eyebrows even further during an appearance on This Morning where she shared: "It's come about naturally and I don't want to settle with anyone.

Carol Vorderman has five 'special friends' and has been open about this arrangement in recent interviews.

"Everyone is single. It starts with friendship and there is an extra frisson."

Sounds exciting, eh?

And in a recent interview with The Times, the age-defying star has dished up more details on how it works, including the strict rule she implements to keep things running smoothly.

When asked about her ‘special friends’ and if she had a system to grade them, Vorderman insisted that it ‘all sorts itself out’, which must be handy.

“A lot of men ask me if they can be my special friend and I have to say, it doesn’t work like that,” she added.

Before revealing that the ‘special’ blokes in her life don’t come and visit her.

"They never come to my house,” she spilled. “I’m not dumb!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/carolvorders

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