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Justin Timberlake 'wants everyone to stop bringing up the past' after Britney Spears' memoir and abortion claim

Justin Timberlake 'wants everyone to stop bringing up the past' after Britney Spears' memoir and abortion claim

In her book The Woman in Me, Britney reveals she fell pregnant during her relationship with Justin.

Britney Spears' memoir is a few days away from hitting shelves, but has already caused a frenzy with the singer claiming she fell pregnant during her relationship with Justin Timberlake and was convinced to have an abortion.

The two pop stars dated between 1998 and 2002. In an excerpt of her book The Woman in Me published by People, Spears recalls falling pregnant with Timberlake's baby, but ultimately deciding to have an abortion as the 'Cry Me a River' singer 'definitely wasn't happy'.

In her memoir, Spears explained she had plans of starting a family with Timberlake, but that he insisted they were both too young to become parents at the time.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dated from 1998 to 2002.
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“It was a surprise, but for me, it wasn't a tragedy," Spears wrote.

"I loved Justin so much. I always expected us to have a family together one day. This would just be much earlier than I’d anticipated.

"But Justin definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. He said we weren’t ready to have a baby in our lives, that we were way too young."

While Timberlake is yet to publicly respond to the claims, a source told Entertainment Tonight the NSYNC member and his wife, actor Jessica Biel, just want to move on.

Britney Spears claims Justin Timberlake convinced her to have an abortion in her memoir.
J. Merritt/Getty Images

"Justin has been focusing on his own family and trying not to concern himself with Britney’s memoir," the source said.

"In recent years, Justin has tried to be supportive of Britney from a distance.

"They dated so long ago, but he still has respect for her. Justin and Jessica just want everyone to grow and evolve instead of continuing to bring up the past."

Spears also looked back on the early days of their romance after meeting on The Mickey Mouse Club, writing about their first kiss during a sleepover with their co-stars.

"[Once] at a sleepover, we played Truth or Dare, and someone dared Justin to kiss me," she wrote. "A Janet Jackson song was playing in the background as he leaned in and kissed me."

Spears also details memories of her conservatorship, officially terminated in November 2021.

Prior to its termination, Timberlake stood in solidarity with his ex in a series of messages posted to Twitter, now rebranded as X.

"After what we saw today, we should all be supporting Britney at this time. Regardless of our past, good and bad, and no matter how long ago it was," Timberlake wrote. "What’s happening to her is just not right. No woman should ever be restricted from making decisions about her own body."

He continued: "No one should EVER be held against their will… or ever have to ask permission to access everything they’ve worked so hard for. Jess and I send our love, and our absolute support to Britney during this time. We hope the courts, and her family make this right and let her live however she wants to live."

The Woman in Me is available for preorder and is set to be released on October 24.

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