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Ben Affleck reveals nickname given by Jennifer Lopez’s crew after she showed them his love letters

Ben Affleck reveals nickname given by Jennifer Lopez’s crew after she showed them his love letters

A new doc has just dropped about the celebrity power couple

Any J. Lo fans out there will be absolutely buzzing to find out there's a brand-new documentary all about her love life which has just dropped on Amazon Prime.

The film, which was directed by Jason Bergh, follows the 'Jenny from the Block' singer attempting her 'most daring project yet' which sees her independently produce a new album and cinematic original.

The doc seeks to explore 54-year-old Lopez's twenty-year journey to self-love and lets fans into her personal life for the first time - namely the behind-the-scenes of her on-again-off-again relationship with Ben Affleck.

The pair dated and were engaged in the back in the early 2000s before splitting up and later rekindling the flame some twenty years later and tying the knot.

Check out the official trailer for The Greatest Love Story Never Told here:

In the doc, the Good Will Hunting star, 51, revealed the sweet nickname given by Lopez's crew after she showed them his love letters.

It revolved around the chart-topper's semi-autobiographical movie This Is Me... Now: A Love Story which links to her new album from This Is Me... Now - both of which were released this year.

The 2024 album is also somewhat of a sequel to This Is Me...Then which hit the charts in 2002.

"Twenty years, I ago I fell in love with the love of my life and during that time I was making an album called This Is Me...Then," Lopez told a crowd in the documentary. "I hadn’t made an album since then. Eighteen years later, we got back together and I was very inspired."

Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her relationship with Ben Affleck in her new documentary.
Amazon Prime

The inspiration in question came from J. Lo's 'bible' - a book Affleck gave her on their first Christmas together.

She went on to explain: "It is every letter and every email that we wrote to each other from 20 years ago to today."

The pop icon also shared that he had titled the book 'The Greatest Love Story Never Told by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck 2001 to 2021... and Counting'.

Lopez then let her collaborators have a look through the 'bible' for song inspiration - something that was seemingly much to Affleck's surprise.

Clearly surprised that his wife had shared the book with everyone in the studio, the Hollywood A-lister was even more shocked after discovering they all gave him a nickname too.

Affleck revealed what J. Lo's team once nicknamed him.
Amazon Prime

"I was like, 'You’ve been showing all the musicians all these letters?'" Affleck says in the doc. "And they were like, 'Yeah, we call you Pen Affleck.’ And I was like, 'Oh my God'."

Amazon Prime viewers have been loving the doc, with many fans rushing to social media to share their reviews.

One X, formerly Twitter, user penned: "Watching @JLo’s The Greatest Love Story Never Told… man, I needed a short emotional break… this is HEAVY especially seeing Ben interviewing her??"

A second praised: "Just finished #TheGreatestLoveStoryNeverTold just thank you @JLo thank you for putting your whole heart out there! I cried, I laughed, I smiled I felt every single emotion with you, I feel so close to you!

The pair were engaged in the back in the early 2000s before splitting up and later rekindling the flame and tying the knot in 2022.
Chris Weeks / Contributor / Getty Images

"Being scared and doing it anyway is something we all should do, that’s where magic can form and this doc, this album, this movie, this musical experience the whole experience shows that! You followed your heart, you had your story to share, you did it and created something so beautiful, raw, vulnerable, pure and relatable! I’m so proud of you @JLo."

"Y’all #TheGreatestLoveStoryNeverTold was so good had me laughing to crying every other scene," a third chimed in.

Jennifer Lopez's The Greatest Love Story Never Told is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime/Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images

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