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Amy Childs forced to rush baby son Billy to hospital on Christmas Day

Amy Childs forced to rush baby son Billy to hospital on Christmas Day

Amy Childs announced Christmas health concerns with her baby son on Instagram

The festive season is all about spending time with your family and enjoying time together away from the mad rush of daily life.

When you’re in the glow of Christmas celebrations, it can feel as though stress is a far-away issue.

But with winter illnesses doing the rounds, it can quickly change into a nightmare.

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs encountered a terrifying journey to the hospital on Christmas Day after her young son took ill.

Revealing the incident online, the mother described how the festive period has affected the family.

While many people would have been preparing for a day of rest and gifts, the Towie star shared that she needed to seek urgent medical care for Billy due to his condition worsening.

According to Amy, Billy was struggling to take milk which is a worrying sign in small children who could become dehydrated without fluids.

Amy Childs announced on Instagram that she had to rush her son Billy to hospital on Christmas Day.
Instagram/ @amychilds1990

Explaining why she hadn’t been active online over the holidays, Amy wrote on Instagram: "Wow what a Christmas we had this year - to say it was stressful and tough would be an understatement.

“We ended up in A&E with baby Billy Christmas Day.. he couldn’t stop coughing, high temperature, wasn’t taking his milk, we was all so worried and just wanted him better.”

She added: “So many messages why I haven’t been on my Instagram, and thank you for all your messages! It’s been a stressful Christmas this year BUT Roll on 2024.”

The fan-favourite reality TV alum has twins, Billy and Amelia who she gave birth to in April of this year.

The 33-year-old previously shared that Billy had been in hospital before Christmas too, with a bad case of tonsillitis, where she said: “As a mum I was so worried as when he was a few minutes old when he was born he got taken away and put in the NICU unit for days as he was struggling to breathe."

Amy had to rush to the hospital before Christmas Day too due to Billy's tonsilitis.
Instagram/ @amychilds1990

The mum-of-four also has Polly, six, and Ritchie, four, from previous relationships, along with her twin babies.

As soon as Amy posted her Instagram explanation of how her holidays have been, her followers rushed to offer support and sympathies during such a stressful time.

One person wrote: "Oh no poor little Billy, he really can't get rid of it can he. Lots of well wishes for Billy and hope you all get some rest xx"

Someone else added support: "Wishing little Billy a speedy recovery. Not nice when they are little and unwell. Mumma hugs to you Amy xx"

Another commenter wrote that they had faced a similar experience on Christmas Day: “Exactly the same with my little girl. Such a mean bug going around xxx”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amychilds1990

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