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Mum hits back at parents who shamed her at school drop-off

Mum hits back at parents who shamed her at school drop-off

The Welsh mum-of-three receives a lot of mum-shaming

It’s always tempting (and admittedly satisfying) to hit back at petty actions with well, a petty response.

Especially when it’s a very obvious, straight up response. As in, so obvious it’s literally branded across us.

And this mum had the perfect way of getting back at the parents who shame her at the school drop-off.

Katie Tradie goes by @s**t_mums_club on TikTok, where she shares her unfiltered, laidback (and pretty sarcastic) approach to parenting.

The Welsh mum has taken her five-month-old to three festivals, along with her two other youngsters and proudly shared clips breastfeeding on the dance floor - what an icon, right?

Katie has revealed her kids also call her ‘mate’ as she affectionately says they’re like ‘bloody boomerangs’ because they ‘always come back’ no matter how hard she tries to be rid of them.

She says she shares ‘real life motherhood’ as she jokingly teaches her children ‘theft is an important childhood skill’ and ‘neglects’ them on holiday.

Katie shares a look into 'real motherhood'.

And fed up of being shamed by other parents during the school run, she recently decided to share her ‘new school pick up outfit’ with followers.

Posting on TikTok, Katie revealed she ‘had the social phoned on me for swearing on the internet’.

Lip-syncing along to Eminem’s ‘Without Me’, Katie transitions from wearing a plain blue sweatshirt to a pink one with a very clear message.

The new jumper reads: “Good Mums Say Bad Words.”

Katie also included in the video: “#EndMotherShaming.”

She also added she ‘can’t wait to grace the school gates’ in the outfit, and definitely doesn’t give one if she gets judged for it.

And her 500,000+ TikTok followers totally love her for it, with the video racking up over 20.7k likes.

Katie doesn't care what the other mums think.

Katie said it’s a way of standing up for other mums ‘in a peaceful protest to end mother shaming’.

Plenty commented to say: “Go girl!", with one saying: “Nahhh, I am LIVING for this! What a queen!”

And another said: “Love it!! Make sure you stand right at the front.”

Many fellow parents joked they ‘need’ one too, writing: “Shut up & take my money.”

Another even joked: “I need one of these! My children attend a Christian school and I’d love to see some faces.”

Unfortunately, a lot of mums know mum-shaming all to well – even famous ones.

Amanda Holden was even shamed by controversial influencer Andrew Tate for posting a bikini snap and Helen Flanagan recently for filming a special moment with her kids while on holiday.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@s**t_mums_club

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