Channel 5 True Crime 'Missing Or Murdered' Starts This Week

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Channel 5 True Crime 'Missing Or Murdered' Starts This Week

Documentary series Missing or Murdered will return to Channel 5 this week, focusing on the harrowing case of Luke Durbin.

The 19-year-old went missing after a night out in Ipswich on 12th May 2006 and for nearly 14 years, Luke's family and loved ones have been appealing for information over his disappearance.


Luke was last seen in the early hours of 11th May 2006, when he was captured on CCTV several times following a night out in Ipswich.


Footage appeared to show Luke trying to find his way home, but without a phone or wallet (which was later revealed to have been left at a friend's house) he was unable to catch a taxi and there were no buses or trains.

A final image at around 4am sees Luke walking over a zebra crossing before disappearing out of sight. Luke was never heard from or seen again.

The teenager was reported missing when he never returned home and family and police were particularly concerned, explaining it was very out of character for him to be out of touch with his mum and sister for such a long period of time.

Added to this, he had left his belongings, including his mobile phone and motorbike at a friend's house nearby.

Luke with his mum, Nicki and sister (Credit: Channel 5)
Luke with his mum, Nicki and sister (Credit: Channel 5)

Over the following weeks, the Suffolk police conducted searches on foot, with dog units and via helicopter, as well as speaking to over 100 people logged on Luke's mobile phone and media appeals by Luke's devastated family.

For years, a number of unanswered questions have surrounded the case. Was Luke victim to an attack? Or, did he decide to make a fresh start somewhere else?

The documentary unearths a number of dark details about the disappearance, including the teenager's involvement in drugs, with the aim of answering the resounding question - is Luke missing or murdered?


Speaking in the documentary, Luke's mum Nicki Durbin said: "I was aware that Luke smoked cannabis, and when Luke first went missing there was a lot of rumours and information about Luke being involved with drugs on a much bigger scale."

"He was always a smart lad, but he was stoned most of the time at school," his school friend, Rob Turner, added. "He just wanted to have a good time most of the time, have a beer, a joint and just chill out".

It's also believed Luke was dealing drugs at the time.

Luke was last seen at around 4am on the night he went missing (Credit: Channel 5)
Luke was last seen at around 4am on the night he went missing (Credit: Channel 5)

By the time he went missing, police state that Luke had resorted to dealing "most days".

"There's a lot of very nasty people around here, and if they don't like you they'll get you," Rob added. "It was spoken about that Luke was undercutting people and treading on people's toes, and it wasn't very appreciated by the other people".

Over the years, mum Nicki has repeatedly re-appealed for further information. Speaking in 2011, she said: "The thing with a family of a missing loved one is you are just in a constant state of grief.

"You can't go through the process of mourning your child.


"I would love it if Luke walked around the back of the house laughing. That would be the best outcome but I think the reality is that's not going to happen."

Channel 5's Missing or Murdered delves into unsolved cases of murders, kidnappings and disappearances. A previous episode of the series focussed on Claudia Lawrence, who was last seen on 18th March, 2009 near her home in Heworth, York.

Missing Or Murdered: The Disappearance of Luke Durbin airs on Channel 5 on Tuesday 28th April at 10pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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