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Viewers Praise 'Chilling' Pembrokeshire Murders For 'Gripping And Intense' Final Episode

Viewers Praise 'Chilling' Pembrokeshire Murders For 'Gripping And Intense' Final Episode

The concluding episode saw DS Steve Wilkins​ finally bring down serial killer John Cooper.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Last night, the final episode of The Pembrokeshire Murders aired on ITV, and viewers were blown away by the "gripping and intense" climax.

The concluding episode of the three-part drama saw Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins (played by Luke Evans) finally bring down serial killer John Cooper (Keith Allen).

And shortly after the episode aired, viewers took to Twitter to praise both the cast of the drama, as well as ITV.

The final episode saw DS Wilkins finally bring the killer to justice (

"Keith Allen and Luke Evan's both at the top of their game, real powerhouse performances. #PembrokeshireMurders was outstanding television," one person wrote.

While another said: "I cried watching the verdict. What an incredible drama. @TheRealLukevans, Keith Allen & all the cast just fantastic."

And one added: "The #PembrokeshireMurders drama was absolutely compelling TV. Outstanding performances by the two main actors Luke Evans and Keith Allen."

"Not usually a fan of true story dramas but the #PembrokshireMurders was a gripping yet chilling watch fronted by the brilliant Luke Evans," said another.

During the ep, Cooper took to the stand to face the final verdict, after Steve had worked around the clock to bring him to justice for a series of brutal murders from the 1980s.

The ITV drama - which aired over three consecutive evenings this week - is based on the real life murders of married couple Peter and Gwenda Dixon, as well as siblings Richard and Helen Thomas, in the 1980s.

It retells the story of how, in 2006, DS Wilkins returned to Dyfed-Powys police after taking two years out to work with the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

Armed with knowledge that a number of cases had been solved recently thanks to more advanced DNA methods, Steve decided to delve into some unsolved crimes in Pembrokeshire, known as Operation Ottawa.

The double murders from the 1980s were included as well as another incident which took place in 1996, in which five teenagers were attacked, with one raped and another sexually assaulted.

Cooper was finally brought to justice (

Working night and day, the drama reveals how Steve collected a series of evidence against Cooper. This included using a tape recording of the ITV game show Bullseye - in which Cooper was once a contestant - to prove his resemblance to an artist's impression of the killer.

In addition to this - and thanks to the ever advancing DNA profiling - police found a pair of khaki shorts taken from Cooper's home had a tiny drop of Peter Dixon's blood, trapped in the hem where his wife Pat had turned up the seams.

If you're yet to watch The Pembrokeshire Murders, you can catch up now over on the ITVHub.

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