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Schitt's Creek Movie Could Happen, Dan Levy Reveals

Schitt's Creek Movie Could Happen, Dan Levy Reveals

More Rose family adventures could be on the cards.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Fans of the cult comedy series Schitt's Creek have probably spent a lot of time bingeing episodes from the much-missed sitcom after it came to an end earlier this year.

But now the show's creator and star Dan Levy has once again hinted that a Schitt's Creek movie could happen.

The Emmy wining sitcom began in 2015 and aired six seasons. It also starred Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy as a the wealthy Rose family who are forced to flee their luxurious lifestyle to a small town and live in a hotel after they lose their fortune.

Fans last saw the family break off on their own journeys across the US - Alexis went to New York, Moira and Johnny headed to California and David and his husband Patrick built their life in Schitt's Creek. This leads a lot of fans to wonder... what happens next?!

Speaking to E! News!, Levy said that while there aren't any current plans for a movie, there was definitely potential for one in the future. He said: "I would love for there to be. I'm not ruling it out."

Dan has previously hinted at a Schitt's Creek movie being a possibility (

"It's very flattering that people want to know, but I would just say generally I think you need to let the good things settle for a minute. Let people finish the show. Let people sort of take a breath."

"And then if people are still interested and an idea comes to me and our cast is wanting to do it, then great."

"I'm very sort of sensitive to overstaying your welcome in any capacity. So we'll see in a few years, if it all sort of comes together."

Dan previously hinted at a possible Schitt's Creek film in September following the show's Emmy wins.

Dan Levy at  the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in January 2020 (

Speaking during a virtual press Q&A at the awards bash, said:"Oh my gosh. Here's the thing: Some people have been asking that", he also added that the season finale was "the best way we could've ever ended the show."

"If there is an idea that pops into my head and worthy of these wonderful people, it has to be really freaking good at this point," he went on.

"This is a really nice way of saying goodbye. Fingers crossed that we get a really good idea coming into our heads soon.

"I would love to work with these beautiful people again. This has been the most incredible experience."

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