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Netflix Leeches Are The Friends And Exes Who Use Your Account For Free

Netflix Leeches Are The Friends And Exes Who Use Your Account For Free

That one-off log-on on your Uni housemates laptop could be costing you...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We're not quite sure what we'd do without Netflix sometimes: the streaming service is the perfect antidote to boring nights in and hungover days, providing us with the best series and films to tuck into. It costs us a small fee for a monthly subscription, but did you know you could be paying for more people besides you?

Yes, a new study has found the average Netflix account has five people using it, with one person picking up the bill.

Research carried out by discovered the high number of 'Netflix leeches', with more than two thirds claiming they have no intentions of ever getting their own account.

What's more, nine in ten of those sponging off someone else's account admit they could afford their own subscription.


So, if you've left your Netflix logged in on someone else's computer, it be costing you.

As part of the study, all respondents were asked "Do you have access to an online streaming account?" - this includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV etc. - with 77 per cent of respondents saying they do have access to an account, but only one in five (22 per cent) revealed it was their own.

Respondents who explained had their own account were then asked how many people used it, with the average amount of users-to-account being one to five.

Shockingly, the participants who do have their own account and had other people using it were asked whether these peers contribute towards the fee with eight in ten (81 per cent) revealing that they do not.


The most 'leeched' platform is Netflix with 62 per cent of account holders claiming other people used their account. Now TV came in second with 54 per cent of leechers; Amazon Prime had 48 per cent; Sky Go had 39 per cent and Hayu had 21 per cent.

George Charles, a spokesman for, commented: "Netflix leeches are inevitable and can really get on the last nerve of the people who are left to shoulder the bill at the end of every month.

"The problem of people using other accounts will always be there with the current rules in place; people want to save money, even if they do have enough money to pay for these services themselves.

"If you are using someone else's account, at the very least you should be offering them money towards the fee. At least if it's divided by five people the cost will be far less, meaning you are still saving money."

If you feel you could be being leeched on, don't worry because there are ways to stop people using your accounts.

On Netflix, the best way to banish spongers is to click on 'Your Account' when logged in, then go to 'Settings' and select to 'Sign out of all devices', knocking anyone using the account out. Here, leechers won't be able to re-access the account unless they have your logins - so it's a good idea to change this if you can.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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