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Hack Lets You See The First Thing You've Ever Watched On Netflix

Hack Lets You See The First Thing You've Ever Watched On Netflix

The streaming giant has revealed a way to find out the first thing you EVER watched on it - and the results are proving to be hilarious.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We all remember our first Netflix subscription like it was yesterday. Signing up to the streaming service, with its hundreds of TV shows and films to watch at our fingertips, felt like a whole new world.

We can barely remember what we did with our evenings before we were members, and although we can admit we've lost MANY hours to monging out in front of the screen, life's significantly better with Netflix in it... but can you think back to the first thing you ever watched?

It's mind-boggling to think, isn't it? Considering all of the hundreds of shows we've binged since joining.


Well now, the streaming gods have revealed a handy hack to find out - and there's a high chance the results will make you wonder WTF you were doing with your life.

Netflix shared the revelatory hack on Twitter, revealing there's four simple steps to find out your entire streaming history. Yikes.

Firstly, you have to be logged on on desktop - this won't work on your phone.

Next, click 'account' in the drop down list in the top right of the screen to bring up your deets. After that, simply scroll down to the 'my profile' section a select 'viewing activity'.

Here, your entire watch receipts are pulled up, starting with your most recent first. Therefore, you can either scroll and scroll to get to the bottom (a warning: it takes hours), or simply click 'download all' at the bottom of the screen.

With this you can quickly navigate to your first ever streamed show, and the results will no doubt transport you back to a particular time in your life.

Mine for instance, takes me back to May 2013 - uni, where I apparently had the time to watch nine episodes of Breaking Bad in one sitting. Nostalgia.

Others were quick to share their findings online with hilarious results.

"I watched Love Actually quickly followed by Titanic so I don't think I was okay," revealed one user.

"What a wild New Years eve in 2014," said another, who binged over 20 episodes of Peep Show on December 31st.

"Already know it was orange is the new black - got netflix to watch it and never looked back," recalled a third.

"Wow!!! I clearly signed up in Feb 2013 to watch Breaking Bad!," said another.

Found your first-streamed yet? Let us know your findings!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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