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Heartbroken Zara McDermott Sobs Over Sam Thompson Split In New Made In Chelsea Episode

Heartbroken Zara McDermott Sobs Over Sam Thompson Split In New Made In Chelsea Episode

Things still aren't looking great for Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Made In Chelsea aired yet more teary scenes from Zara McDermott tonight, as she grappled with the fact that Sam Thompson may not want her back after her cheating scandal.

As she met up with Melissa Tattam and Ruby Adler to discuss the fall-out of her emotional chat with Sam last week - in which he told her needed space - Zara was clearly still emotional about what had gone down.

"To be honest, like, I don't really wanna ask too much more from him, but I just love him so much," Zara told the girls.

"I think so much has happened and it was such a long time ago and I just want him to see this last year for what it is.

"I just think he's really hurt by everything."

Zara told the girls she didn't think Sam would forgive her (

Breaking down, she added: "I just think he deserves someone who would never do that to him."

Rushing to Zara's defence, Ruby then said: "It was so long ago wasn't it? You guys have come through so much in the last year and I don't think you can beat yourself up.

"People do go through testing Rez (Reza Amiri-Garroussi) and myself, it's not been an easy ride. We've also had our fair share of problems and we've managed to work through that."

Ruby offered some advice to Zara (

"I love him so much he is everything to me. We do everything together. He's my best friend," Zara replied. "I feel so lost."

"You will be absolutely fine," Melissa then told her. "You do not need Sam Thompson in your life, love him to bits, but you don't."

While Sam didn't appear in the episode, taking a break after his heartbreaking chat with Zara, we also saw her meet up with his ex, Tiff [Watson], who offered her own advice.

Sam wasn't in the episode (
Instagram/ Sam Thompson)

Suggesting that begging wasn't the answer, Tiff said: "You've said what you've said now. You wanna make it work you're sorry and you made a mistake.

"He either forgives you or he doesn't. He 100 per cent loves you. If you wanna ever stay with me you're more than welcome. We'll just do lots of girl things take your mind off it".

How nice is that?!

It comes after Sam told a pleading Zara he needed "space" last week, and left her sobbing on a park bench.

"I just see absolutely no way we can move forward," he said at the time.

But will he have a change of heart?

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