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Zara McDermott Shares 3 Minute Apology Video To Try And Win Ex Sam Thompson Back

Zara McDermott Shares 3 Minute Apology Video To Try And Win Ex Sam Thompson Back

The 'Made In Chelsea' stars split following Zara McDermott confessing to cheating.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Reality star Zara McDermott has shared a tribute to her ex Sam Thompson in a bid to win him back.

The 23-year-old had been dating fellow Made in Chelsea star Sam, 27, for 16 months when they split last month, following the news she had cheated on him a year ago.

At the time, Zara penned an emotional apology letter on her Instagram story, describing the incident as a "huge mistake" which was made when she was "selfish and immature".

Now, she's taken her public plea for forgiveness one step further, creating a video collage of all the good times she had with Sam, which runs for three minutes in total.

You can watch it below:

Sharing the vid on her Instagram story, Zara wrote: "TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE...

"There aren't enough words to describe how I feel about you. You are my favourite person, my truest love.

"I made this video montage for you of our memories over these last few years. I want to create a million more memories like these throughout the rest of my life... with you."

She continued: "I am sorry our journey hasn't been the easiest, and I am forever wishing I could find a way to turn back the clock.

"Remember... you are everything. You are my moon and all my stars and everything in between. I miss you. I love you more and more every day."

Zara McDermott apologised earlier this month for cheating (

It comes just weeks after Zara apologised for the "pain, the embarrassment, the anger and the hurt" she had put her ex through by cheating.

"All I want to do is make this right and I think the least he deserves is me being honest with myself and all of you," she wrote to her fans at the start of October.

"I love you Sam. Forever."

Sam is yet to publicly comment on the scandal, or reply to Zara's apology.

He did, however, post a snap on Insta after her first post, sat in bed with his PS4 remote control, captioned: "How it's gotta be for the next few months (until the ps5 comes out)."

And a few days earlier, he shared an image of him and BFF, TOWIE star Pete Wicks, writing: "Thank you so much for putting up with me for the past week @p_wicks01 I'm incredibly lucky to have people I can lean on when I'm down.

"I know you're not the soppy type, but you really are the brother I never had. I love you mate."

Aw, Sam!

The latest series of MIC will be revealing the details of Sam and Zara's shock separation in the coming episodes.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Sam Thompson

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