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'Love Island’s' Dani Dyer Says She Split From Jack Fincham Due To 'Lack Of Respect'

'Love Island’s' Dani Dyer Says She Split From Jack Fincham Due To 'Lack Of Respect'

'Love Island' winner Dani Dyer has revealed the reason she split from boyfriend Jack Fincham and it was all about his 'lack of respect'.

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

'Love Island' winner Dani Dyer has revealed the reason she broke up with boyfriend Jack Fincham - and it had something to do with his "lack of respect" around the house.

The couple were the darlings of last year's Love Island, smashing the competition with 79.6 per cent of the vote.

However they briefly split in December to the dismay of fans. Dani spoke about the break-up on the Jonathan Ross Show, which will be shown tomorrow night on ITV.

Dani said that the pair are "absolutely fine" now, and that they "love each other".

"We are trying to build a relationship from a show where we met which is so bizarre and you have so much attention from it, and you have so many opinions and people go 'It's all money, it's all for fame'," Dani says on the show.

"It's just like, 'Relax, chill, we are just trying to be happy.' Life is tough so we're just trying to make it work, that's all we're trying to do. We are together, we are soooo together, we are fine."

Dani also spoke about the couple living together so soon, saying it was "way too much" and that their flat felt like a "work home".

"It was really hard because we weren't having those exciting times where you miss each other," she explained. "The things I like about not living together is that when I come home, I know it'll be clean. With Jack, I didn't know what was going to have happened. I rang his mum and I said, 'I don't know how you've dealt with him!'"

Dani said the couples would argue over silly things like tidiness and not throwing away empty drinks cans.

"He'll drink a can of coke and then leave it in the fridge, then I would get so upset about it and we'd be rowing over a towel," she revealed. "I'd be like, 'Where is your respect for me?' It's always over something silly."

Also on the agenda for the show was the tragic death of fellow Love Islander Mike Thalassitis and the subject of whether the islanders get enough care after the show finishes.

"I think firstly, the Mike thing was absolutely devastating for everyone, I think it was such a shock because you never expect someone so young to take their life and it is absolutely devastating and my heart does go out to Mike and his family and friends," Dani said.

"It is tough going from literally being no one to then all of a sudden overnight coming out and being someone, it is difficult, you go from one extreme to the other and it's sad that it ended that way.

"Personally for me I've always had a relationship with the producers, they've always been a phone call away."

Dani said that dealing with online trolls was a major struggle for all the Islanders once the show was over.

"I know from the other Islanders because we have had struggles, we've had moments where we're like 'I'm struggling, this is really tough now'," she added.

"People can be so unkind, things that I would never dream of saying to people, they really hurt so much. There could be a thousand nice comments and then someone says something really mean and it does hurt.

"It is so tough, it really is and you're walking around and everyone knows who you are a little bit and you get a bit of anxiety.

"But we all try and keep together and I've always had a really good friendship with the producers, I think the best thing is to always be open and to talk about how you are feeling."

Watch Dani Dyer on The Jonathan Ross Show tomorrow, Saturday, 30th March 2019 at 9:45pm on ITV.

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