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Love Island Fans Are Obsessed With The Chemistry Between Millie And Liam

Love Island Fans Are Obsessed With The Chemistry Between Millie And Liam

Things are getting hot as Millie and Lucinda play Ms. Steal Yo Man.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Love Island has finally hit its stride - and we are living for the drama coming out the villa.

New girls Millie and Lucinda have crash landed into Majorca and have really stirred things up between the couples, with no-one looking secure in their pairings anymore.

And it seems Faye has some major competition, as Millie has her sights set on Liam - and judging by their fiery chemistry the pair had during their dinner date, Liam's more than ready to jump ship.

Twitter is loving this spicy new couple, with many flocking to the social media app to say they're rooting for the twosome's natural connection.

"I've seen more chemistry between Millie and Liam in 3 secs than there ever was with Faye," one viewer wrote.

A second added: "This chemistry between Millie and Liam... Faye pack your bags."

Millie and Liam got hot on the date (

"Hold up, I kinda love Liam and Millie together," a third said, posting numerous sobbing emojis.

"Liam and Millie, OMG the most chemistry we've seen so far!" a fourth gushed, while someone replied: "This is the most he's talked."

Others had plenty to say about Millie's relatively simple seduction technique, which seemingly worked its magic on the three boys she took on dates.

People were rooting for Liam and Millie (
Liam and Millie's tension spoke volumes (
The pair proved popular after just one date (

Nope, not hair-flicking or biting her lip, Millie had men entranced just by her immaculate eye contact.

"Nah Millie's eye contact is on POINT," wrote one enchanted viewer. "I'm falling in love myself here."

"Millie's eye contact is incredible, she's seducing me," said a second.=

Millie's eye contact was her hottest feature (

Millie has her eyes on the prize (

A third agreed: "Me blushing in every one of Millie's dates. Eye contact, chat, serving looks."

''The eye contact and vibes between Liam and Millie are IMMACULATE," a fourth exclaimed.

But it's not just Millie that's got major game.

Lucinda also turned heads (

Lucinda has well and truly wowed Brad, who has since gushed he will couple up with her at the next recoupling ceremony - much to Rachel's dismay.

We love it when Love Island gets juicy...

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays from 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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