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Love Island: #FreeKaz Is Trending After Toby And Kaz Kissing Scene Emerges

Love Island: #FreeKaz Is Trending After Toby And Kaz Kissing Scene Emerges

Girl, dump him.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

This season of Love Island has yet to see any strong couples really emerge (although, it's still very early days!), and we're longing to see some white-hot on-screen chemistry.

While Aaron and Sharon appear to be hotting up, the same can't be said for poor Kaz and Toby. And after an unseen clip of the pair kissing emerged on social media, fans are calling for Toby to #FreeKaz.

Watch the toe-curling video here:

In Sunday night's episode, Kaz was seen admitting to the girls that although the pair share a bed, the twosome haven't had so much of a cheeky spoon so far.

Kaz added that the pair only ever kissed in challenges, and hadn't locked lips whilst just together in the villa.

The pair had a date a few days ago (

However, on Sunday night's edition of Aftersun, host Laura Whitmore revealed the pair had finally shared their first kiss outside of the villa's daily games - but fans were less convinced about just how genuine the scene was.

In a short clip, Toby told Kaz: "I'm enjoying getting to know you," as a beaming Kaz replied: "Same. That's music to my ears."

Tobi continued: "I just enjoy chilling with you. I enjoy our little talks. Look at all these feelings coming out."

Before anything more is said, Kaz leans in and the pair share a romantic kiss.

However, some fans are convinced that Toby was actually just moving to hug Kaz, with Kaz actually misreading his signals.

Viewers were now calling for Toby to let Kaz go (
People couldn't handle these cringey scenes (
Others thought the kiss wasn't intentional on Toby's end (

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Free my girl Kaz. Free Toby at this point too!"

Another added: "The second-hand embarrassment is too much."

"He was going in for a hug omg!" a third cried, while a fourth said: "You can really tell he's not feeling Kaz. She needs to actually wake up and see the signs."

In Sunday night's episode, Toby admitted to some of the boys that he wasn't "sure" about his feelings towards Kaz.

Kaz was frustrated that Toby hadn't kissed her outside a challenge (

"I feel like I am holding back," he confided in Aaron and Brad.

"Like I'm at the stage where she likes me more than I like her."

Oh Kaz. We'd be gutted if she got her heart broken.

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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