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'Lilo & Stitch' Is Reportedly Getting A Live-Action Remake

'Lilo & Stitch' Is Reportedly Getting A Live-Action Remake

We're SO excited for this one.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Disney fans, the latest remake announcement has arrived and *drum roll*... it's Lilo & Stitch.

Discussions over the movie are thought to have begun back in 2018 and while we haven't heard anything since, it's now being reported that it *is* happening.

According to The DisInsider - an online publication dedicated to reporting Disney news - the live-action remake it set to begin production in Hawaii in autumn this year.

While it's not confirmed by Disney, it's currently reported that the original voice of Stitch, Chris Sanders, is expected to return.

And those planning on subscribing to Disney+ will be pleased to know the remake will be available to watch via the streaming platform.

Production is expected to start in the autumn (

It will follow the same plot as the original Lilo & Stitch but if you need a little refresher, it's all about the adorable bond between a young girl living in Hawaii, Lilo and her dog-like extra terrestrial pet named Stitch.

Stitch was actually created on another planet via genetic experimentation, before escaping to Earth where he pretends to be a dog and ends up being adopted by Lilo, who is being raised by her sister following the death of their parents.

Due to his genetic engineering, Stitch is completely closed off to love and emotion. But with the help of Lilo, who gives Stitch all the TLC he needs, he finally understands the true meaning of family.

Disney + is coming to the UK in March (

The film, originally released in 2002, is a heartwarming watch and we personally can't wait to see how it's been revamped for the remake.

Mike Van Waes is believed to have written the script, meanwhile Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich - who have just finished Aladdin - will produce.

Disney fans will be pleased to know it's not the only remake in the works.

According to Deadline, a Bambi remake is on the way and we're already terrified about watching *that* scene again.

The exciting news comes after the success of Disney's previous remakes, with Lion King making £1.27bn at the worldwide box office, while Jungle Book brought in £739m.

And if you can't wait that long, Disney fans will be treated to another remake in a matter of weeks, with Mulan hitting cinemas on 27th March.

Fans, get these dates in your diaries!

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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