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Game Of Thrones Fans Are Convinced A Major Character Is Returning

Game Of Thrones Fans Are Convinced A Major Character Is Returning

This is creepy AF...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Game of Thrones is surely the most speculated-about show of all time, and a lot of this is thanks to the carefully selected teaser material released ahead of each episode, giving fans glimpses of what's to come.

This week fans think they've spotted a major clue about season eight episode three in one of the promotional photos - and we have to say they could be right.

Sansa Stark lurking man
Sansa Stark lurking man

A shot of Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner, shows her with a fierce look on her face, as if scolding someone (or just in deep concentration). But eagle-eyed fans have spotted something off about the photo... can you see it?

Looking closely, you can spot a face in the background, appearing to hide behind a curtain. How creepy?!

Sure, it could be any one of the allies down there with Sansa in the crypt, or perhaps just a show extra who's now getting more attention than they bargained for, but fans have their theories that the photo gives the clue about someone far sinister returning to the show.

Fan's think it could be an undead Littlefinger aka Lord Petyr Baelish (Aiden Gillen), who was killed Arya Stark last season.

If so, not cool, Game of Thrones. Not cool.

As much as we don't want this to be true, the theories has some legs. If you think about it there are unlimited opportunities for old faces to return in the form of undead soldiers, if the night King has recruited them into his army.

Could Littlefinger be returning to get revenge on Sansa after she had him executed by Arya for his treasonous crimes?


Others have speculated the mysterious lurking figure could be Sansa's brother, Jon Snow, on account of his famous curly locks which you can *just* about see outlined in blurry silhouette. But why would he be down in the crypt? He should be up there fighting. So many questions.

Either way, we don't have long to wait: episode three of the eighth season of Thrones is due to air on Sunday evening. Here, Thrones' fans will finally get to witness the battle between the living and the dead, and by the looks of the 40-second teaser trailer, it's set to be a tense one.

The highly-anticipated battle scene has been coming since the first series, where the forces at Winterfell prepare take on the Night King's terrifying army.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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