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Tonight's New Episode Of 'Don't Tell The Bride' Looks Like The Most Savage Yet

Tonight's New Episode Of 'Don't Tell The Bride' Looks Like The Most Savage Yet

The new series kicks off with a special feature-long episode.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

The new series of Don't Tell The Bride airs tonight and we're just going to put it out there - it's probably the juiciest ep we've ever seen.

To celebrate the new series, E4 has treated us all to a special, 90-minute episode and Tyla has been given an exclusive sneak peek ahead of tonight's show.

Kicking off the new series, viewers are introduced to Andy and bride-to-be Anna. While Anna has her heart set on a traditional English wedding in a country manor house, it's clear from the start that Andy has a very different idea.

Despite being a self-confessed romantic, the couple from Wales agree that 30-year-old Andy has a tendency to make snap decisions.

But it's not just Anna who Andy has to impress. There's also his mother-in-law-to-be Lana, who sums up her future son-in-law by explaining: "If Andy didn't have Anna in his life, he would be screwed."

Although 26-year-old Anna wants a "traditional" wedding, Andy has interpreted her "dream day" very differently. As Anna and Lana are both from Ukraine, Andy decides to fly the whole family out of the UK for traditional Ukrainian nuptials.

Tensions run high as Andy makes one or two drastic mistakes (

"I'm a traditional guy so I'm going to throw a traditional wedding... in Ukraine," he explains.

But with a budget of £13,000, three weeks to plan the big day *and* the fact he doesn't speak a word of the language, Andy faces just a few hurdles.

He quickly realises that at £300 per person, paying for everyone's flights is going to utterly rinse the budget. In fact, just the night before Anna is due to fly, her bridesmaids still haven't heard from Andy at all.

Instead, the groom has to grovel to his side of the family to pay for their own costs, before sending Anna on a budget hen do.

While Andy travels to Jersey for his stag do, he sends Anna to the local snooker club.

Riding around on speedboats, watching dolphins and drinking beer in the sea - Andy is having a fab time, in comparison to Anna who ends her evening with a packet of Quavers down the local pub.

Anna and Lana are in shock over the wedding dress (

But the real shocker comes when Andy chooses Anna's dress. With the bride explaining he "hasn't even asked for her size" it didn't look promising. And when he spends a grand total of £150, you'll be watching through your fingers as Anna finally unveils the monstrosity.

Her reaction is probably the worst we've ever seen. As Anna unzips the garment bag, she drops it like a hot potato having spotted a hint of red on what she hoped would be a traditional white gown. Meanwhile, as her bridesmaids and mum Lana recoil in horror, gasps of disgust can be heard from the entire bridal party.

"If Andy thinks he can marry you in this dress he doesn't deserve you," says mum Lana.

The dress, which is see-through and adorned with bright red flowers, is *not* the traditional wedding gown Anna hoped for.

And things go from bad to worse when Andy's sister, Mel, bursts into tears at the drama of it all. She hurries off to call Andy, but no can do - there's no budget for another dress.

Andy plans a traditional Ukrainian wedding (

"Did you tell him I will cut his balls off?" Asks Lana, when she returns with the bad news.

As the girls rally around Anna and encourage her to at least try the dress, she finally gives in. But once the dress is actually on, things get a whole lot worse and distraught Mel leaves the room in tears *again* after Lana loses her temper.

"Are you joking? You seriously think she's going to go half naked? Stop saying that because she's not wearing that dress," says Lana.

The only person who can save the day at this point is Lana, who calls an emergency meeting with her future son-in-law.

Will they be able to concoct a plan to give Anna her dream wedding after all? DTTB fans, it's *not* one to be missed.

The 90-minute episode will air tonight on E4 at 7.30pm.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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