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'BGT' Comedian Nabil Abdulrashid Receives Death Threats And Abuse Following Semi-Final

'BGT' Comedian Nabil Abdulrashid Receives Death Threats And Abuse Following Semi-Final

Nabil was praised by judge Alesha for 'taking on the subject of racism'.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Britain's Got Talent contestant and comedian Nabil Abdulrashid had the judges in stitches this weekend, as he performed for the semi-final of the talent show.

But now, Nabil has revealed he has been the victim of "abuse" and even "death threats" following his performance.

Nabil has received abuse and even death threats (

Tweeting about his experience, dad-of-two Nabil explained: "Funny how I made fun of lefties too but so far it's not them wishing death on me or sending me abuse.. hmmm who were the snowflakes again?"

Speaking about the threats he has received, Nabil added: "I promise to do no jokes about racism or islamophobia in my final if I experience no racism or islamophobia between now and then."

Nabil opened his audition with a joke about his experience of being mistaken for British rapper, Big Nastie, by a police officer.

"I get recognised in places I don't want to get recognised, like Lidl in Croydon," he said.

"I am pushing my 20 kilos of onions I bought for 50p and I get 'oh my god it's him, can I get a picture, can I get a picture?' Sure let's have a picture, 'Oh my god I am a big fan, not as big as you though, I can't wait to go home and show my kids right, I can't wait to show them that I met Big Narstie'.

"That's cool, can I go now or am I still being detained officer? So people watching will think it's one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing jokes about stop and search. No, it's a joke about being fat.

"Big Nastie and I are both fat, we just both happen to be black too so don't throw in the race card guys! When do black people ever get mistaken for each other? Especially not by police - no! Listen, I didn't even want to come out here and talk about race, but seeing as we're on the topic..."

Despite having the judges in hysterics and receiving a standing ovation, Nabil apologised after his performance in case he caused offence to any viewers.

Nabil was praised by the judges (

Speaking about the audition, Alesha Dixon was quick to praise Nabil for being "edgy and different" explaining: "I really loved it. I mean the reason I pressed my golden buzzer is that I love things that are a bit edgy and a bit different and you're that guy.

"...I think you're very brave to take on the subject of racism, it's very poignant right now and we all need to learn to laugh a bit more and have a sense of humour."

We for one cannot wait to see the comedian's performance in the BGT final - congrats, Nabil!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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