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You May Have Been Listening To Harry Styles’ New Album Wrong

You May Have Been Listening To Harry Styles’ New Album Wrong

Stylers have been loving the new album, but have they been listening to it as Haz intended?

Harry Styles dropped his latest album just a couple of weeks ago, and obviously it has gone down an absolute storm.

But while his army of loyal fans have been playing the record on repeat, some believe they have almost certainly been doing it wrong.

'How can you listen to an album incorrectly?', I hear you cry. Well, those of you who have had the pleasure of listening to Harry's House will have spotted that the artwork shows the former One Direction singer standing in a house.

And if you look not that closely, you can see that the house is... upside down.

According to one of the popstar's fans, this was a clue as to how Harry wanted the album to be played: backwards.

Harry's House dropped a couple of weeks ago.

Sharing their theory on Twitter, they said it even gives the record a completely different vibe.

"Harry's house is meant to be listened in reverse. the story makes so much sense, ending with a high and 'you know i love you babe' and just happiness. also we started the era w/ the outro of love of my life, the last song, in reverse.... so i'm thinking," they explained.

And it looks like they might be onto something, because fellow Stylers have been putting the theory to the test, with terrific results.

Thanking the original poster, one fan said: "Oh. My. F***. God. You just changed the entire meaning of the story for me. It all makes so much more sense now, the cover, everything – even ties in better with the ending of Fine Line…mind blown and a little annoyed I didn’t think of it myself."

"And that's why Im loving it now.. when I first listen to it, I only like the instrument music, could no connect with the lyrics.. now I found it sooo beautiful," put another.

Others, however, said they don't believe there is one way to listen to it.

One fan said: "I think he leaves it very open you can listen to it either way and find more neat things in it if you do, kinda like how damn was."

And if you're thinking of giving it a play backwards, someone has kindly put it together on Spotify here.

But it's not just the order in which the songs are played, though, that has had people talking.

Some of his fans are convinced that his new single, 'As It Was', is about his relationship with Olivia Wilde.

The single was accompanied by a stellar music video of Haz in a variety of bright red outfits, including an eye-catching jumpsuit, an oversized fur coat with leather gloves, and one rather revealing look involving nothing but a pair of boxers.

Some Harry Styles fans think his new record should be played backwards.

And one line has stood out to fans as a clear reference to Wilde.

It comes in the bridge of Harry's song, and it goes like this:

"Go home, get ahead, light-speed internet/

"I don't wanna talk about the way that it was/

"Leave America, two kids follow her/

"I don't wanna talk about who's doin' it first."

What do you think?

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