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Kelsey Parker's Final Message To Husband Tom At His Funeral

Kelsey Parker's Final Message To Husband Tom At His Funeral

Kelsey Parker shared her final message to Tom at his funeral.

Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey shared an emotional final message to her late husband at his funeral.

Parker, who was a member of the chart-topping boyband The Wanted, died last month at the age of 33 after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Kelsey addressed the attendees in a pre-recorded message that was played during the service at St Francis of Assisi church in Petts Wood, in south-east London.

The mother-of-two shared memories about how the pair first met at a nightclub before he achieved global success with The Wanted.

“To stand up in front of everyone right now would be too painful but I want to talk about the love of my life my Tom... So, where do I start?

“19-year-old me met Tom outside of a nightclub, I say met - I instantly saw him and said, ‘Oh my god, I love him’. It was love at first sight, even if he didn’t know it yet.

"We went into the club, tables next to each other, and he asked for my name, which I thought was weird, but he told me, ‘I wanna add you on Facebook’. And the rest is history.

"From that moment I told everyone - I wanted to marry Tom Parker.

"Tom had other ideas though because he had just joined a band called The Wanted. I didn’t really believe him, but little did we know, they’d go on to be one of the UK’s biggest boybands

“Tom told me he was going to be famous and wouldn’t have time for a girlfriend right now, but he didn’t leave me alone.

"We went through lots of ups and downs at the beginning as most young couples do and it all came down to Tom crying in the bathroom of another nightclub to my next-door neighbour - who Tom had no idea was my next-door neighbour.

"Tom was crying his eyes out saying that he’d lost the love of his life Kelsey, which then led to me getting a phone call from Tom out of the blue and he said, 'I’m ready’.

"And it went from zero to 100. Life with you Tom was never boring, we spent a lot of our first years together drinking MAHIKI dry with a lot of people who are here today.

"Dancing all night long, parties in our flat, and had the funniest, most irrelevant drunken fights. And let's be honest, you all loved a Kelsey and Tom drama.

"Our relationship was fiery and fast-paced because we loved each other so much. We knew how to drive each other absolutely crazy but we definitely knew how to make up.

"I have too many stories to tell you all - I guess I’d have to write a book. But I’ll happily tell those stories and cherish every moment that we shared for the rest of my life.

Kelsey Parker at the funeral of her husband and The Wanted star Tom Parker. (

"So many people have said to me how much you impacted and changed their lives and I saw you always giving our loved ones the best advice, being the most supportive friend, and always coming up with ideas for people to better themselves.

"But most of all, I feel you had a bigger plan for me. This journey has opened my eyes to so much, and how I see the world. I feel like I see the world through your eyes now.

"Tom, your energy was never-ending, your mind never turned off and your creativity was out of this world, always coming up with songs, game shows, and we all know how much you loved an invention. I bet you’re gutted you never made it onto Dragon’s Den.

"But you packed a lot into your time and you made all of our dreams come true. Marrying you was the best day of my life, we had the best day ever and you were the best husband I could ever ask for and it has been a privilege and honour to be your wife.

"I was always so proud of everything you achieved, you never took no for an answer, you stood up for what you believed in and you were always so passionate - to the point where it was slightly on the edge but somehow you always got away with it.

"You did everything with love and absolutely no malice - and full-on Bolton boy charm, which fit right in with my family. Your daily calls to my mum... I know you’re going to miss her Sunday roast and arguing with Johnny about his business and what new car he’s bought.

"My family has one word for you Tom and that’s ‘bullsh*t!' - I just wanna say thank you for being the best role model for my little brothers, I know they’ll always think from now on, ‘What would Tom do?’.

Kelsey Parker revealed how the she met Tom Parker. (

"That's the kind of impact you had on everyone you met.

"Even my bigger brother, who should have hated you because nobody likes anyone dating their sister. But you had a way of charming people and he loved you instantly.

"And we can’t forget about the three best friends... We were the three best friends anyone could have.

"Mostly because of you not approving anyone she dated, to the point of me asking you not to tell her your opinion of the person, because that’s how much your opinion mattered.

"And that's how protective you were of her heart.

"And then there was Dean who passed the Tom test and the three best friends became four. Some might find it weird but we really did do everything together and I know you’ll miss them as much as they’ll miss you.

"From all our trips to Cornwall, camping, Spain to Vegas. And guys, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas as we welcomed our little girl Aurelia rose Parker nine months later.

"She’s a chip off the old block, a diva, born to perform and she lights up every room just like her daddy. And in typical Parker fast-paced fashion, nine months after, we fell pregnant with our little boy, who is your absolute double.

"We named him Bodhi because it means enlightenment and he truly brought light into our lives - he is one special little boy who has your cheeky little smile. And I have no doubt he will grow into an amazing man just like you and continue the Parker name.

"I promise you that I will raise them with all the values important to you and I hope I do you proud. You‘ve done us proud, a true warrior the past 18 months.

"You didn’t allow this to hold you back, you crammed everything in from a book, bringing The Wanted back together, a tour, a new house, and raising money and awareness. All with me by your side, nagging you.

Kelsey Parker wore a 'Tom' hair pin. (

"You’ve shown our children how to be brave, courageous, strong and even in our darkest days, we stayed positive. Positive Parkers forever.

"They will always know how much you loved them and let's be honest, they’ve got the best guardian angel guiding them through life and so have I.

"We'll carry on your legacy forever. I want to thank [Tom's parents] Noreen and Nige for raising Tom into the man I fell in love with and bringing him into the world because he is my world.

"Soulmates. That's what we are - you are my best friend but more.

"The one person in the world who knows me better than anyone else and who I know better than anyone. You are the one who accepted me and believed in me before anyone else did.

"And we’ve truly lived a thousand years in 13 years. We’ve had a lifetime together and I will carry you - my soulmate - until we meet again.

"Our souls are endless, I can still feel you with me now. Remember, I love you more than you can ever say, you will always be my angel Tommy boy in the sky.

"If love alone could have saved you, you would have lived forever. I love you, babe, from your babe.”

The couple got married in 2018 and welcomed their daughter, Aurelia Rose, in June 2019 and their son, Bodhi, in October 2020.

Max George, Parker’s bandmate, delivered a eulogy at the service and paid called the late singer his “brother”.

George, who served as a pallbearer at the funeral, told attendees: “I could actually hear him saying, ‘It’s about time’, as he carried us for the last 12 years.

“Tom was always a brother, he made such an impact from the start. His love for music and striving for success outmatched all of us.”

He finished his tribute by remembering Tom’s laugh. “I could say so much about Tom. One thing I will always remember is his laugh. He loves laughing at people and we experienced that every day.

“He has left us far too early and we will miss him so much. The people outside, the people all around the world, is a credit to him. Rest easy mate.”

The service ended with Parker’s coffin being carried out of the church to The Wanted’s hit single Gold Forever.

For help and support visit the Stand Up To Cancer website here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/tomparkerofficial/Alamy

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