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Influencer Tammy Hembrow divides opinion with before and after pregnancy pics

Influencer Tammy Hembrow divides opinion with before and after pregnancy pics

The influencer welcomed her third child 10 months ago

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has left internet users and parents divided after sharing 'before and after' pregnancy pictures of her body.

Hembrow became a mum of three as she welcomed her youngest child, Posie, 10 months ago with her ex-fiancé Matt Poole.

Tammy Hembrow kept fans updated with her pregnancy journey.

The 29-year-old is already mum to Wolf, six, and Saskia, five, from a previous relationship, and she's been keeping her 16.7 million followers updated throughout her most recent pregnancy journey and the months following with dozens of snaps and videos.

As a founder of a fitness app, the mum's livelihood is based around workouts and health routines. For months she's been sharing photos of her post-pregnancy body, but it was one particular post this week that sparked backlash from Instagram users.

The post featured two photos of Hembrow in a side-by-side comparison - the first taken when she was nine months pregnant, and the second 10 months post-pregnancy.

Hembrow used the post to promote a new pregnancy program on her app, as well as two new 'prenatal yoga flows'.

Tammy Hembrow shared the before and after pictures on Instagram.

"Staying active during my pregnancy definitely helped A LOT when it came to rebuilding my strength after Po," she wrote, though Hembrow quickly added that she was 'not saying' other people should aim to get the same look as her after giving birth.

"This is my personal journey," she wrote. "Feeling strong is the goal here."

The influencer went on to tell followers they could find information about workout and diet programs in her app, adding: "As for food, I eat A LOT and am not restrictive at all but I do use a lot of the apps recipes and just generally try to eat whole healthy foods (majority of the time, weekends are for treats)."

A lot of Instagram users praised Hembrow for her journey, though others suggested she was sending the 'wrong message'.

Tammy Hembrow is a mum of three.

"Im [sic] no way hating at all cause i think your fire ... but i just cant help but think this is the wrong message to send to new mums who think they must get back to looking like this or to work out straight away," one person responded.

"Your body is still healing mentally and physically . We need to praise our bodies that we can even create life and love it for the way it is."

Another Instagram user added: "This is so toxic."

Some people stood up for Hembrow, though, with one responding: "Everyones journey is different and thats fine, this is her personal journey and thats fine too [sic]."

Tyla has contacted Hembrow for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tammyhembrow

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