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Stranger Things Fans Are Just Discovering Who David Harbour Is Married To

Stranger Things Fans Are Just Discovering Who David Harbour Is Married To

Where have you BEEN, guys?

Stranger Things fans are just now realising that star David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix series, is married to a very famous singer.

The actor tied the knot with 'It's Not Fair' singer Lily Allen back in September 2020 in an iconic Las Vegas ceremony, but it appears some fans missed the memo.

While photos from David and Lily's wedding in the Graceland Wedding Chapel, accompanied by an Elvis impersonator, went viral back in 2020, some fans didn't realise that the couple were together until David spoke about Lily in a recent interview.

Stranger Things fans are just realising who David Harbour is married to.

The Black Widow star had been speaking to GQ when he opened up about how he fell in love with Allen, recalling: "It was our third date. I was just in this phase, where I was like, I'm just going to be brutally honest about everything, because why lie? And I told her something about my life, about my beliefs.

"It would take a really extraordinary person to be accepting of the things that I said. And I remember thinking: 'Wow, that's somebody I want to be around.'"

He also went on to admit that he and Allen didn't really meet backstage at a talk show, as he had previously told friends, family and fans, but had actually matched on uber-exclusive dating app Raya.

"I was in London alone, doing Black Widow, on this app, going on dates and stuff," he shared.

"And yeah, I started texting with her, she was in Italy at the time — we got together, went on a date at The Wolseley, and it was, you know, she's f***ing unbelievable."

Naturally, fans who were just learning of David's romance with Lily were totally shocked by the revelation and took to social media to unpack it all.

"Just found out that David Harbour and Lily Allen got married two years ago and it made my morning," tweeted one user.

"I didn’t know David Harbour married Lily Allen and I certainly didn’t know they had this type of wedding. I love," wrote a second.

"David Harbour & Lily Allen are married??? Holy s**t", a third raved.

"Am I the only person who didn't know David Harbour was married to Lily Allen?!?" asked a fourth.

"Finding out David Harbour and Lily Allen are married just changed the entire trajectory of my life" a fifth confessed.

Before linking up with Lily, David had been dating Fantastic Beasts actress Alison Sudol, while Lily was seeing MC Meridian Dan.

After their first date in 2019, the couple made their first official appearance together on the 2020 SAG Awards red carpet.

Fans are losing it after realising the famous couple are together.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, David decided to self-isolate with Lily and her two daughters Marnie and Ethel in London, and tied the knot in Vegas just months later.

We're in love with this A-list couple!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Instagram/@lilyallen

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