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Stacey Solomon Reacts After Her Magazine Front Cover Gets Replaced By Christmas Pudding

Stacey Solomon Reacts After Her Magazine Front Cover Gets Replaced By Christmas Pudding

Stacey found the whole thing hilarious.

Stacey Solomon has always been a relatable queen – and her most recent Instagram story has just reminded us why we love her.

You can watch the clip below.

The Loose Women favourite, 32, was on the front cover of You magazine this weekend, and she sent fiancé Joe Swash out to pick it up as part of the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“I was so excited!” she told her followers. “I’ve only done the cover of You magazine once and that was 11 years ago. I thought maybe I’d put people off the paper and that’s why they’ve never asked me back!

Stacey revealed how excited she was to be on the front cover (
Instagram - staceysolomon)

“So I thought, this is amazing! I can’t believe I’m doing the cover!”

However, Stacey suddenly felt concerned when Joe told her that he just couldn’t find it anywhere.

“I thought, ‘My God, I’ve sold it out!’” she laughed. “People loved the cover.”

However, things weren’t quite that straightforward.

Stacey was left concerned when Joe couldnt find the mag (
Instagram - staceysolomon)

“But then…he found it,” Stacey said. “Turns out, I didn’t sell out.”

Brandishing the magazine up to her followers, Stacey revealed her front cover had been bumped for an advertorial cover.

“Turns out I was replaced by a Christmas pudding!” she said.

Instead, Stacey had been bumped for a Christmas pudding (
Instagram - staceysolomon)

Luckily, Stacey couldn’t help but find the whole thing hilarious, cackling away as she showed off her magazine.

“It’s not just any Christmas pudding, it’s a honey and fig one!” Stacey said between shouts of laughter. “Maybe I do put people off from buying the paper!”

Stacey recently welcomed her fourth child, Rose, and has been candid with her followers about life with her new baby girl.

Speaking about Rose’s sudden arrival, Stacey explained: “I just felt on the biggest high. I haven’t always had that rush after birth – in fact, it has been the opposite.

Stacey's cover shoot was hidden by an advertorial (
Instagram - staceysolomon)

“But I think there was something about feeling in control and being at home, and the sun shining through my bedroom window… it just felt so surreal. I couldn’t stop smiling.”

You can read Stacey’s full cover interview here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - staceysolomon

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