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Stacey Solomon Shares Hilarious Clip Of Rex's Rude New Word

Stacey Solomon Shares Hilarious Clip Of Rex's Rude New Word

Why is it so cute though?!

Stacey Solomon's son Rex, two, has been repeating his new favourite word, and it sounds like a rather rude one, if you ask us.

The Loose Women panellist insisted to followers that he was saying the word "volcano" in a funny voice, but we heard what we heard, Stacey!

Listen for yourself in the clip below.

Stacey was speaking to her 5.4 million Instagram followers through her Instagram Story about a rather unfortunate purchase that Joe Swash had made, when her microphone picked up the sound of Rex shouting his new word.

In the background of the clip, fans could see little Rex playing with his toy dinosaur set and trying to set off the plastic volcano piece.

The two-year-old took us by surprise when we heard a certain rude word out of his mouth, but Stacey was convinced that he was simply saying the word "volcano" in a funny voice.

Captioning the video, Stacey clarified: "P.S Rex is 100% saying 'the volcano' in a strange accent, he's not saying what it sounds like 😂😂😂".

A likely story...

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash were speaking to followers when Rex repeated the rude word. (

To the naked ear, it sounds almost like the toddler is saying the words "oh f**king hell" in the adorable video.

Meanwhile, Stacey informed her followers this week that she would be cutting her maternity leave short and returning to work on Monday.

The TV personality said that she'd seen a lot of messages asking why her maternity leave was only three months, and came onto her Instagram Story to explain her situation.

Stacey Solomon is happy to welcome another pickle (
Instagram - staceysolomon)

She explained: "A lot of my contracts are 12 month contracts that I squee squeezed into nine months so I could have three months off and I don't think I could squeeze them into any less, so I start back up next week."

She later added: "Ultimately, I'm just so lucky and privileged really that I've got a job to go back for nevermind a job I absolutely love."

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@StaceySolomon

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