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Gerard Piqué speaks out for first time after Shakira split

Gerard Piqué speaks out for first time after Shakira split

The couple split last year after over a decade together

Gerard Piqué has spoken out about how his split from Shakira has affected him.

Rumours began swirling last year that the celebrity couple were on the rocks.

At the time, the Colombian singer said it was been an incredibly difficult period for her and her family.

And earlier this year, it appeared she still had some things to say to her ex, when she released a new track.

Seemingly taking aim at Piqué, lyrics say that a certain someone had 'traded a Ferrari for a Twingo' and 'traded a Rolex for a Casio'.

The mysterious target of Shakira's lyrics is then told they spent a lot of time in the gym but should 'work your brain a little bit too'. Burn.

The couple split last year.

Well, in an interview with El Pais, the ex-Barcelona defender has had his say on the situation and how he's doing now.

Addressing the way in which the break-up has been discussed, with Piqué apparently coming out on top, he told the outlet: "It is not like that. The problem is how people perceive it or how the press sells it. I keep doing what I want.

"The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. I want to be true to myself. I'm not going to spend money cleaning up my image.

"The people I care about and the ones I love are the ones who know me. The rest I don't care.

"I spend my energy on being with my loved ones and giving them what I have. I'm very happy. There have been changes in my life, and I have known how to preserve happiness."

Shakira says the break-up was incredibly difficult.

This comes after Shakira said previously that the entire situation had been 'incredibly difficult' for the entire family.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the 'Hips Don't Lie' singer said: "Oh, this is really hard to talk about personally, especially as this is the first time I’ve ever addressed this situation in an interview.

"I’ve remained quiet and just tried to process it all."

The 46-year-old admitted that the whole situation is quite 'hard to talk about' since she's 'still going through it'.

She shared: "It’s been tough not only for me, but also for my kids. Incredibly difficult.

"I have paparazzi camping outside, in front of my house, 24/7. And there’s not a place where I can hide from them with my kids, except for my own house.

"You know, we can’t take a walk in the park like a regular family or go have an ice cream or do any activity without paparazzi following us."

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo / Instagram/@shakira

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