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Selena Gomez praised by fans for sharing make-up free selfies

Selena Gomez praised by fans for sharing make-up free selfies

The singer shared two snaps of her fresh face

Selena Gomez fans flooded the singer's comment section this week after she took to the platform to share a seemingly all-natural selfie.

Selena's post came after she announced plans to step away from social media last month amid rumours of tension between herself and Hailey Bieber, who married Selena's ex, Justin Bieber, in 2018.

The 30-year-old said at the time she was going to 'take a break from everything', though she's previously admitted she doesn't even have Instagram on her phone.

Speaking in 2021, Selena said staying away from social media played a 'huge, significant' in helping her stay healthy, and instead does 'all of [her] posts' through her assistant.

This week, she decided to go natural on Instagram as she shared two fresh-faced snaps, with the caption: "Violet chemistry."

She re-posted the images to her Instagram Story, and they quickly racked up almost 15 million likes from supportive fans.

Selena shared the snaps after previously announcing a social media break.

"Literal natural beauty!!!!!," one person responded to the post, while another agreed, responding: "That natural beauty. skin is so good."

A third commented "Natural beauty at its finest," as other fans described Selena as 'gorgeous' and 'glowing'.

One fan could barely contain themselves over the image as they wrote: "SELENA, OMG YOU'RE STUNNING."

Selena's natural beauty wasn't the only thing fans were praising her for after she shared the snaps, with one taking the opportunity to thank the singer for speaking out about her struggles with lupus.

The singer, who in 2017 revealed she'd had a kidney transplant to help treat the condition, has long been open about her experiences, and last month shared a TikTok Live video explaining the effects of the medication she takes.

Selena doesn't appear to be wearing makeup in the post.

Describing how the medication makes her hold 'a lot of water weight', she continued: "I would much rather be healthy and take care of myself. My medications are important, and I believe that they're what helps me."

Celebrating Selena's openness, one fan wrote on her Instagram post: "Hey thanks for speaking out about lupus because there is so much people don’t know."

There's no cure for lupus, a condition in which the body's immune system attacks normal tissue, but symptoms can be managed with medication.

After announcing her break from social media last month, Selena made a swift return to share the love for another star: Lizzo.

She shared a love-heart emoji under a TikTok posted by Lizzo showing off some blue streaks in her hair. The post featured a 2007 interview with Selena showing off her own blue streak, saying: "I’ve got some blue going on!"

Featured Image Credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

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