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Seann Walsh admits he fainted during labour as he announces he’s become a dad

Seann Walsh admits he fainted during labour as he announces he’s become a dad

The nurses had a hilarious reaction to him fainting

It's no secret that labour can be a traumatic process for everyone involved - and that includes nervous dads.

Now, Seann Walsh, 37, has revealed that he actually fainted as his partner Grace Adderley gave birth to their first child this month.

The comedian and reality TV star made the revelation on Instagram when he announced his baby's birth yesterday (12 February).

Seann said: "So Grace has had our baby and I'm sat here in the very relaxing postnatal department.

"The staff have been great.

"The nurses have been coming up to me all morning and congratulating me, which is, it's just been lovely."

He then revealed that the nurses also took the opportunity to congratulate him on his recent win at the Chortle Awards for Best Show.

He captioned the footage: "BTW….I fainted…obviously.

"During the birth, not the chortle awards."

Seann added on his Instagram stories: "Oh btw. I passed out during the birth. Of course I did. The nurse's response... 'Men' fair."

Understandably, fans were quick to flood the comments section with messages of support and to congratulate the I'm a Celeb star.

Fellow comedian Josh Pugh wrote: "Congratulations mate. Nom'd for worlds best dad 2023 for sure."

Sue Cleaver added: "Congratulations to you and Grace. Cant wait for a cuddle xxxxx [sic]"

Seann has been in a relationship with Grace since 2019.
Instagram / seannwalsh

While Sean has announced he is very much a dad, the baby's name and gender have not yet been revealed.

Alongside a laughing emoji, one fan remarked: "Congratulations both! Enjoy. Simply magic."

"If you don't call the baby Chortle, you're a fool," added a second.

"Congratulations!!" exclaimed a third. "Hope mum and baby are doing well."

Seann first revealed that he was going to become a dad in October of last year, when he told a friend on Instagram Live: "I'm having a child."

The friend then questioned: "So you're gonna be a dad?"

Seann confirmed the revelation before they joked: "That's worrying."

"Unbelievable," he replied. "Everyone else has been really nice, that's the worst response yet."

In another Instagram post, Seann said he was in awe of his partner's bravery during their baby's birth.

Sean praised Grace's bravery during the birth.
Instagram / seannwalsh

He wrote: "To see how strong she was one of the most amazing things I will ever see. I am in total awe of the bravery I witnessed. I'm so proud of her and just wanted to tell the world whilst they're both asleep."

Sean then joked: "As a man, I will never know what it"s like to put my body through that buuuuuut women will never know what’s it like to have to go up or down a level in every clothes shop so swings and roundabouts [sic]."

Featured Image Credit: seannwalsh/Instagram

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