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Sam Smith called 'demonic' by screaming woman following controversial Grammys performance

Sam Smith called 'demonic' by screaming woman following controversial Grammys performance

All Sam Smith did was perform their song 'Unholy', but someone took special exception

A woman has branded Sam Smith as 'demonic' following their controversial performance of 'Unholy' at the Grammys in expletive laden footage.

The five-time Grammy Award winner scooped their most recent prize at this year's ceremony for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance along with Kim Petras for 'Unholy' and they performed it live for the audience.

However, some people thought the performance was unholy in more ways than the title as the singer was accused of being 'satanic' as they attracted a whopping 18 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Quite how the world was able to cope with a whole 18 people getting in touch to have a grumble we'll never know, and of course Smith was undoubtedly the very picture of the devil because everybody knows Satan's preferred attire is famously a red top hat with horns in it.

Among the complaints were people saying the performance was 'anti-Christian' and that it could 'increase violence against Christians'.

Sam Smith performing at the Grammys this month.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

The duo later strutted their stuff at the Brit Awards as Smith grabbed attention with what looked like an incredibly impractical outfit.

How they were able to sit down in such an outfit is unknown, but later on at the awards they had changed clothes to perform 'Unholy' again alongside Petras in a move which attracted more complaints.

Sadly, some people have not been able to preach that very Christian message of 'love thy neighbour' as one woman screamed obscenities at Smith as they walked through New York City.

Smith and Petras showed up at the Grammys dressed in red and ready to perform.
UPI/Alamy Live News

The tirade was captured on camera and shows Smith minding their own business while being bombarded by a torrent of verbal abuse from the woman.

She shouted 'Sam Smith belongs in hell' at the singer before going on to accuse them of being a 'demonic twisted sick b*****d'.

Since somebody had to be the grown-up in this situation, Smith walked away with their dignity entirely intact and didn't give the screaming woman so much as a glance as they left.

That dignified example didn't stop the screaming woman from continuing to verbally abuse the singer as she then called Smith a 'paedophile' and yelled at them to 'leave the kids alone you sick f**ker'.

While their performance attracted controversy they did end up winning a Grammy, so clearly they're doing something right.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

With Smith now having walked off she then accused them of 'grooming the kids' and called them a 'sick motherf**ker' who was 'evil' for the dreadful crime of singing a song.

Smith has previously attracted a backlash for making 'raunchy' music videos but fans of the singer have stepped in to argue that other artists have done plenty worse without anywhere near the same level of criticism.

Fellow singer Aidan Moffat mused that for the people who hold so much hate for Smith it 'must be exhausting being so hateful all the time'.

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