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Rylan Clark takes aim at TV stars who aren't as 'nice and polite' as they seem

Rylan Clark takes aim at TV stars who aren't as 'nice and polite' as they seem

The presenter has met a lot of stars while working in the industry for years

After years in the television industry Rylan Clark has learned a thing or two about working with stars, and he's now revealed that not everyone can be trusted to be 'nice and polite'.

Fans of the longtime presenter will know that Clark started his television career in the spotlight, but not because he was well known.

Rylan Clark rose to fame on The X Factor.

Instead he found fame thanks to The X Factor, where he took to the stage to perform and made it through to the live shows.

That show alone introduced him to stars like Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger, but he's since gone on to meet a whole host of presenters, comedians, musicians and actors thanks to his impressive resumé.

Having already worked on the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two, This Morning and Big Brother's Bit On The Side, Rylan has more recently been in charge of hosting Eurovision content on the run up to the big event on Saturday (13 May).

During a recent interview with Waitrose & Partners’ Weekend, Rylan implied that some stars are losing their ability to hide their true selves from the public.

"People can see through it all now," he said.

Hinting that he's noticed some hypocritical behaviour from certain stars, Rylan continued: "People can see who are the real ones and can very much see who isn’t."

"I’ve been in this industry for nearly 11 years, and all I’ve ever been is nice and polite to people," he added. "And that’s starting to pay off for me now, because there are people in this industry who aren’t like that. They think they’re something special. And the walls are starting to fall."

While I'm sure everyone might have their guesses about who the presenter is talking about, Rylan didn't actually name any names, so we can't know for sure which of our favourite stars might not be quite as nice behind the scenes.

Rylan, however, has been candid about his own personality as he opened up about his mental health following his divorce from husband Dan Neal.

Speaking to Elizabeth Day on her How to Fail podcast, Rylan said the time after his split was 'really difficult', but he believes it's made him a stronger person.

"Because of that trauma and because of that treading down on me, I think it’s genuinely for want of a better term made me so much stronger," he said.

"I would like to think the breakdown of my marriage had made me the person I am now and I am really happy with the person I am now and I can sleep very well at night."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/rylan

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