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Rihanna responds to fans who called her out for saying her baby son was 'so fine'

Rihanna responds to fans who called her out for saying her baby son was 'so fine'

The singer has defended herself

From her iconic Super Bowl halftime show to the confirmed second baby reveal - Rihanna has definitely been making headlines this week.

While many adoring fans have flocked to congratulate the soon-to-be mother-of-two, a few fans have since called the award-winning singer out over recents comments made about her son.

After the festivities and hullabaloo of the Super Bowl came to an end - the Work singer had another exciting reveal for eager fans.

Following a photoshoot with Vogue, Rihanna uploaded a series of shots taken of her and her son - who she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky welcomed to the world on 13 May 2022.

The first post, shared to Instagram yesterday (16 February), was captioned: "My perfect baby!!!", and another was captioned: "my son so fine! Idc idc idc! How crazy both of my babies were in these photos and mommy had no clue."

It has since racked up a staggering 11.1 million likes and thousands upon thousands of comments from people rushing to praise the 34-year-old's first addition to her new family.

One Instagram user wrote: "He’s so cute I can’t even handle it," while another commented: "Wow, we are literally melting over here."

The majority of the comments - and there were many - seemed to follow suit gushing over how 'adorable', 'cute' and 'perfect' the little one was.

However, some took issue with the singer describing her son as 'so fine', with one Twitter user writing: "Using the word 'fine' to describe a one year old is weird as hell idc."

Another added: "Re-do the caption I don’t have time to argue tonight Riri!!!"

Other social media users echoed their disapproval with: "That caption is really problematic. I wish you were better."

Another agreed: "Riri FINE ISN’T THE RIGHT WORD FOR A BABY."

Rihanna, who clearly is no stranger to responding to online comments, has since hit-back at fans criticising her choice of caption.

When one person posted: "Fine!? More like cute, adorable.. he’s not a grown man.. lol", Rihanna simply fired back with: "You just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!"

Rihanna isn't afraid to defend herself.

Similarly, when a yet another fan raised an issue saying: "Riri ik u did not just say 'fine'," the singer kept things short and sweet simply responding with 'af'.

When asked: "Who calls a baby fine??", Rihanna carried on her defence and replied: "His mother!!!!"

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo/@rihanna/tiktok

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