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Princess Andre Hits Back As People Tell Her To Stop Wearing Heavy Makeup

Princess Andre Hits Back As People Tell Her To Stop Wearing Heavy Makeup

Princess Andre weighed in on criticisms about her makeup

Princess Andre has hit back at social media critics after being called out for wearing a full face of makeup.

The 15-year-old, who celebrated her birthday last week, took to social media to share a snap from her Aunt Sophie's wedding day.

The teen served as a bridesmaid with her mum Katie Price, 43, and seven-year-old sister Bunny, as Sophie celebrated her nuptials with partner Harry Brooks.

Princess uploaded a picture on her Instagram account wearing an elegant gown with a full-face of makeup to complete the look. Her hair was also styled in a half-up ponytail.

While Princess received countless positive comments, some Instagram users took issue with the amount of makeup she was wearing in the picture.

"U [sic] don’t need all that make up," one woman wrote in the comments.

Another woman said in the comments: "Lovely young girl .. I think lovelier still with less makeup".

A third concerned Instagram user left the comment: "Looks beautiful, but doesn’t need all that heavy make up. She’s naturally pretty without it. She’s not her mum and doesn’t need to try to be"

While a fourth wrote: "Wow you look amazing, your hair so pretty and so long I want it, I would just say though for me a tad too much makeup as you're naturally pretty and don't need the heaviness of so much but still beautiful love the dress too."

Echoing similar comments above it, an Instagram user typed: "You don't need the makeup princess you are beautiful without it !xx".

Peter Andre is Princess' dad.

Someone else chimed in and left the message: "It's lovely to get dressed up but sweetheart.... You are gorgeous underneath all that makeup you don't need it.... Be beautifully you".

However, lots of Instagram users took issue with people claiming that Princess 'does not need makeup' and instead argued she was simply a teenage girl experimenting with cosmetics. One woman reacted to the negative comments with: "Make up is not just for image issues people! It can be for fun! Experimenting! Or even just because she wants to. Stop with the 'you don't need it' comments".

Another Instagram user called out the harsher comments and said: "My god people with all the make up comments. She’s just a young girl experimenting and dressing up, it’s not a case of whether you think she needs it or not… it’s so passive aggressive".

The criticism was itself critiqued by a woman who called out the other women in the comments section for discussing the appearance of a 15-year-old girl. "Some of you need to remember these come of 'too much makeup' are being read by a 15-year old-girl! And most of these comments are coming from older women too who should know better," she wrote.

"How about mind your business".

The debate did not go unnoticed as Princess herself weighed in, sharing her own take on people criticising her makeup. "All these comments about makeup. It was a wedding. But I do appreciate the people being nice," she wrote in the Instagram comments under the post.

Featured Image Credit: @officialprincess_andre/@peterandre/Instagram

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