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Peter Andre sings Mysterious Girl to sea lion in viral video

Peter Andre sings Mysterious Girl to sea lion in viral video

That sea lion has some pipes!

You'd think that - by now - Peter Andre is pretty sick of his song 'Mysterious Girl', but when the opportunity to sing with a musical genius came along, he just couldn't pass it up.

During a visit to West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley for his 50th birthday, Peter was introduced to the gifted singer, and it wasn't long before the two were duetting. Take a look!

It probably wasn't how Peter was expecting to spend his 50th birthday, but we're so glad this is how it unfolded!

During his birthday visit, Peter met Bounty the sea lion, who, as you can see, has a particular skill for singing.

And, funnily enough, the backing vocals in 'Mysterious Girl' are his specialty.

There were moments when Peter struggled to keep his composure and burst out laughing, but Bounty, ever the professional, kept it together.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, today I've got a very special guest," he began, crouched down beside Bounty's pool.

"You might know his music, absolutely incredible, the legendary seal, ladies and gentlemen."

This was a particularly shocking statement from Peter, since Bounty is clearly a sea lion, not a seal. But Bounty graciously decided to let that one slide.

Peter couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"We're going to do our first song," Peter continued.

"And it's one of mine! So, whenever you are ready."

Taking it away, Bounty the sea lion gave a glorious bark, followed by Peter who came in with a line from the song.

After every line, Bounty would bark back-up -they really were a match made in musical heaven.

A video clip of the performance, which was shared to Twitter, has been viewed over 119 thousand times, leaving people in stitches alongside Peter.

In the background of the video, Peter's wife, NHS doctor Emily MacDonagh, can be heard struggling to contain herself.

Peter also shared some outtakes from the performance.

In one of the outtakes, when Peter breaks down laughing, Bounty, clearly struggling to cope with Peter's unprofessional behaviour, puts his fins over his face.

Bounty was a little embarrassed.

Still, the two got heaps of praise for their a stellar performance.

"I can't stop watching this," tweeted one impressed fan.

"This is the best thing I've seen all year - if not for several years," wrote a second, which is a bit extreme, but Bounty certainly deserves the glory.

Meanwhile, West Midlands Safari tweeted: "The collab to end all collabs."

I couldn't agree more.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MrPeterAndre

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