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Olly Murs shocks fiancée by getting 'face tattoo' ahead of wedding

Olly Murs shocks fiancée by getting 'face tattoo' ahead of wedding

"Why does it look sore?"

Olly Murs and his fiancée Amelia Tank are known for pulling pranks on each other, so it's no surprise he had something big in store for their upcoming wedding.

The 38-year-old singer is set to tie the knot with Amelia, 30, next June - and I'm pretty sure we can expect lots of stunts in the run up to the big day.

Setting the tone, Murs decided to pretend to seal the deal with a face tattoo dedicated to his one true love... or did he?

Considering these two love to get one up on each other, it's safe to say this was definitely a joke.

But he very nearly had the bodybuilder fooled for a second, as is shown in the hilarious clip he uploaded to TikTok yesterday (18 October).

In the footage, we can see both Olly's and Amelia's faces from the perspective of their camera phones as she pulls off a small piece of cellophane covering what appears to be her name inked under his eye.

The Voice UK judge gives his acting skills a whirl by pretending it's painful, to which Amelia says: "Why does it look sore?"

"I told you it's real," he replies. "Babe, I promise you now this is a real tattoo."

For a second there she almost looks convinced, only to then break out a smile - but she does give him a stark warning nonetheless, saying: "It had better f***ing not be."

Just imagine how the wedding photos would turn out.

Olly Murs pranked Amelia Tank with a fake face tattoo.

The video has been viewed more than 585,000 times, with people sharing their praise for the hilarious stunt.

"Amelias face at the beginning," wrote one, alongside a laughing emoji. "She's like u better be Joking. Made me laugh how adamant u were that it was real."

"If it’s real, she has the look of breaking up with you," quipped another, while a third added: "Think Amelia knows u too well now Olly."

Hopefully he doesn't get in too much trouble with his partner – unlike the time he had to apologise over his penis Pringle prank.

Back in 2020, the pop star cut a hole in the bottom of a tube of Pringles before offering the pack to Amelia, who obviously reached in to grab a crisp, completely unaware of what was lurking inside.

While Olly found the whole thing hilarious - and the prank was meant in jest - some fans took to social media to say they were 'disgusted' at the singer's antics.

Over on Twitter he apologised for his actions, writing: "So I've had a few days to think about this, and wanted to apologise to anyone who has been offended by my social videos.

"My intention was only to make people smile and laugh during these trying times. Am wishing you all a great bank holiday remember to #bekind #stayathome."

Lesson learned - although that hasn't stopped the pair from their ongoing prank war.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok/@ollymurs

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