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Olivia Bowen Says Baby's Gender Is 'Insignificant'

Olivia Bowen Says Baby's Gender Is 'Insignificant'

Olivia doesn't want to know her baby's gender.

Olivia Bowen has told Instagram followers that she has no interest in learning the gender of her baby before the birth, admitting it seems "quite insignificant."

Olivia, 28 and her husband Alex, 30, announced that they're expecting their first child together with an adorable post on New Year's Day, and the Love Island OG's have been documenting the entire process ever since.

This week, Olivia finally revealed that her due date is in June, gushing that she's feeling "so much more comfortable & calm about becoming a mum."

Olivia and Alex Bowen are expecting their first child together this June. (

After sharing the exciting news with her 2.8 million followers, Olivia went on to say that she has no desire to find out her baby's gender before June.

She told fans: "We're still not finding out the gender though haha! Staying strong. I actually don't even want to know, it seems quite insignificant to me now.

"At first it was a thing & people love to guess! Alex and I just don't believe in any of the old wives tales or bump shape stuff 😂 we literally don't have a clue, and we don't really guess either."

Olivia Bowen updated followers on Instagram. (

The mum-to-be went on to say that she was feeling a lot more prepared for motherhood as of late, and reassured any other anxious expecting parents who were in the same boat.

She wrote: "Any ladies in their early pregnancy or even later stages, if you're feeling like you're flapping & anxious don't worry! I felt so helpless & it passed.

"The hormones don't help haha! But just take comfort in knowing I did not feel maternal whatsoever & now I just feel so excited & at peace with it which sounds weird but I was so anxious, now I just feel calm! Calm before the storm maybe!"

Olivia is feeling a lot more at peace with motherhood. (

Last month, Olivia shared the full video of Alex finding out she's pregnant.

In the adorable clip, Olivia explains she had done the test upstairs before coming down to break the news to Alex.

We're so excited for the happy couple, and can't wait to meet baby Bowen soon!

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