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Shocking Moment MI5 Stormed Nigella Lawson's Home Kitchen After Dramatic Incident

Shocking Moment MI5 Stormed Nigella Lawson's Home Kitchen After Dramatic Incident

"The lamb was ruined."

We're all prone to cooking mishaps in the kitchen, even television chef and food writer Nigella Lawson.

The Cook, Eat, Repeat star has revealed the shocking moment MI5 stormed her kitchen after a very unfortunate oven blunder.

The shocking moment unfurled when Nigella was cooking dinner for her friend, writer Salman Rushdie.

After the publication of his novel, The Satanic Verses, in 1988, Salman was placed under Scotland Yard protection due to the controversy surrounding the book.

Nigella was cooking dinner for her pal Salman Rushdie (

The Satanic Verses is Salman's fourth novel and it was partly inspired by the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini considered the book blasphemous and called for Salman’s death. The book sparked protests in Muslim communities in different countries at the time of publication.

On the evening Nigella was cooking dinner for her longtime pal, Special Branch were tasked with keeping a close eye on the writer. 

“I’ve known Salman since I was 23, and when he had to go into hiding he came to have dinner with me when I lived in a very little flat,” Nigella revealed to The Sun.

Nigella Lawson said she looked like Lucille Ball after the incident (

“Special Branch, who were protecting him, had to go and sit in my bedroom and wait there.

But in a shocking turn of events, something went tragically wrong in the kitchen, leading to the commotion involving MI5.

Nigella compared her appearance after the incidence to comedy legend Lucille Ball, whose sitcom character Lucy was always prone to domestic disasters.

Nigella recently opened up about the accident (

She said: “When I was cooking, something went wrong with my oven and it kind of blew up, and I ended up looking like Lucille Ball.

“I had black-brown cheeks and Special Branch thought there had been some sort of assassination attempt on him in my house.

“They all then stormed into the kitchen in an instant, so that probably is one of the worst blunders.”

“The lamb was ruined,” she joked.

Only Nigella would have such a dramatic kitchen tale!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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