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Mrs Hinch gives update after telling fans she’s going through ‘personal life stumbles’

Mrs Hinch gives update after telling fans she’s going through ‘personal life stumbles’

The cleaning guru admitted two of her close family members are experiencing health issues.

Mrs Hinch has given fans are heartfelt update after stepping back from social media earlier this week amid 'personal life stumbles'.

The cleaning queen, 33, previously told fans that the last three months had been difficult as she explained why she had been less active on Instagram recently.

In a statement posted on her Instagram Stories on Saturday (1 April), the influencer - real name Sophie Hinchliffe - said: "I'm sorry for not being on instagram as often right this moment.

"It is only temporary, I promise. I do really miss being on here somedays.

"I'm just going through a few personal life 'stumbles' right now and have been for the last three months."

She concluded: "But all is ok and we're getting there. Have a beautiful weekend everyone."

And now, she's shed some light on the family situation unfolding in an intimate chat with fans via her Instagram Stories.

Mrs Hinch opened up to her 4.7 million Instagram followers about her family’s recent health issues.

The cleaning guru spoke to fans about her family's situation.

“My dad is in hospital at the moment, guys,” Sophie shared, explaining that he has 'never been blessed with fantastic health'.

Sophie told her followers that she is remaining hopeful for her father’s health. “Dad is in very, very safe, amazing hands. The nurses, you are incredible.”

“So, I’m hoping that one day this week, he can do what he really enjoys doing again,” she shared, referring to her dad’s love of creating in a workshop. “I just want my Dad home.”

Mrs Hinch’s grandmother is also in hospital after experience a fall.

“My Nan is also in hospital, bless her heart. She’s had a fall,” she admitted. “I know for a fact with my Nan, this will affect her quite a lot mentally.”

The cleaning guru became very emotional as she spoke about how the health of her beloved dad and grandmother has been affecting her.

Mrs Hinch has given fans another update after her first statement.

“It’s just a worry, isn’t it? Having loved ones in hospital is just not nice. It’s a worry, it’s something that you never want,” she detailed.

She also told her followers that herself and her husband Jamie have been concerned about their eldest son Ron, three.

“Also, Jamie and I have been going through a few different assessments and processes with our Ron at the moment," she explained.

Mrs Hinch previously shared that Ronnie struggles with invisible speech disorder, which is a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Children with this condition have problems understanding and/or using spoken language.

“We are, as parents, navigating through things at the moment,” she reflected, before concluding that Jamie is 'my absolute glue, my rock, everything'.

Featured Image Credit: @mrshinchhome/Instagram

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