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Molly-Mae Hague praised for wearing bikini on holiday after saying she’d never wear one again

Molly-Mae Hague praised for wearing bikini on holiday after saying she’d never wear one again

The new mum previously explained why she was planning on avoiding wearing bikinis after having a child.

Molly-Mae Hague has reacted to the praise she's received after wearing a bikini not long after she said she would never wear one again.

The Love Island star, 24, gave birth to her first child with Tommy Fury in January - a daughter named Bambi.

The new mum has been open about her motherhood journey so far and has kept fans up-to-date in regular blogs and social media posts.

In a vlog earlier this month, the influencer admitted she felt less confident about her body and could no longer see herself wearing bikinis in the future.

In a video filmed while on holiday in Barbados, she told fans she has a 'real journey to start' if she ever wants to feel body confident again.

Molly-Mae has been praised by fans for wearing a bikini.

“I genuinely feel that with time my body confidence is actually getting worse. Like, it’s irritating me," she said.

“I really felt on this trip I was going to embrace it, like I don’t care. My new mum bod. I’m proud of it, whatever. And I am. But I’m finding it harder to accept that.”

She continued: “I have a real journey to start if I want to feel more confident in my body.

“But I was speaking about it to my family and I just don’t ever picture myself putting on a bikini ever again.

“I mean, I never did in the first place. There’s just no way. Like, before I had a baby I didn’t feel confident in a bikini, so after having a baby I just don’t picture myself thinking ‘Oh, I’ll slip a bikini on and feel amazing'."

She added: “I want to come on here and say ‘I feel amazing’, but it’s just not how I’m feeling at the minute.”

The family-of-three are now on holiday in Athens, Greece and the former PrettyLittleThing creative director shared a couple of holiday snaps with her 7 million followers.

Fans have sent positive messages to Molly-Mae.

One picture shows Molly-Mae taking off her white trousers with a blue bikini underneath. Her fans have shared supportive messages in her DMs praising the star for embracing her body.

Molly-Mae was evidently thankful for the kind responses as she shared one of the uplifting messages she received from a fan.

It reads: “You made it into a bikini. Total inspo for a mam with a new baby.”

Molly-Mae responded by posting a picture of her stretch marks and part of her bikini bottoms. She wrote: “I spoke on my YouTube about how I don’t think I’ll ever want to reach for a bikini on holiday again/feel confident in one… I didn’t even bring any with me on this trip!

“But today I went to the shop here and bought one because I realised WHO ACTUALLY CARES! The thought of putting on a bikini before the holiday is always much more daunting than doing it in the moment and whilst on the trip… pack the bikini mama’s! And my girls who don’t normally! I promise that no one’s judging/cares.”

Social media can be so wholesome sometimes!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/mollymae

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