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Michael Owen divides opinion for having a ‘favourite child’

Michael Owen divides opinion for having a ‘favourite child’

This has viewers torn

As a parent, you know your children better than anyone. You know their strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

But one thing that’s almost always a given when it comes to parenting is not picking favourites. So, when Michael Owen pointed out his ‘favourite child’, fans were understandably divided. Check out the hilarious moment here:

Taking to TikTok, his eldest daughter said the ‘truth’s coming out’ when her family took part in a trend which sees parents identifying who’s most likely to ‘get arrested’, the ‘most annoying’, ‘most intelligent’ and their ‘favourite child’ - among others.

Michael shares four children with his wife Louise Bonsall, whom he met in primary school. They are parents to the Love Island runner-up Gemma Owen, 19, as well as James Michael, 16, Emily May, 14, and Jessica, 12.

All four of his children lined up on a boat in Dubai in age order, with the Love Islander leading the siblings on the right-hand side of the video.

When asked who is most likely to run into issues with the law, the dad hilariously pushed his youngest child into the water, before declaring with yet another push that his reality star daughter is the 'most annoying’.

Michael Owen picked his 'favourite child'.
@gemowen_1 / TikTok

Michael then decided that Emily May was his most preferred child out of the brood, when he lovingly threw her into the sea.

This was met with a mixed reaction from TikTok followers, with one person writing: “Wouldn't tell my kids I have a favourite.”

“Favourite child… you don’t pick one, push them all in,” another viewer suggested, while someone else added: “He really just chose a favourite child.”

“He didn't even hesitate in showing his favourite child,” a different onlooker noted, while another parent said: “Favorite child part. You should have thrown them all in. We secretly have that favorite. But we don't say it.”

Some were seriously torn by the video.
@gemowen_1 / TikTok

Meanwhile, other viewers understood that the parent took part in the trend in a lighthearted way, and didn’t appear to upset or offend his children with his choices.

“Omg wasn’t expecting that, hilarious,” one viewer wrote, while someone else penned: “He’s a legend love him.”

“Dad of the year,” another dubbed Michael in the comments.

Last month, Gemma and her boyfriend whom she met on the ITV dating show, Luca Bish, have called it quits on their relationship.

I know, we all thought, hoped, and dreamed that it was a love that would last forever, but alas, we turned out to be wrong.

Gemma confirmed the tragic news in a post to her Instagram stories.

Featured Image Credit: @gemowen_1 / TikTok

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