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Megyn Kelly slams the Kardashians calling them a 'force for evil'

Megyn Kelly slams the Kardashians calling them a 'force for evil'

The 51-year-old did not hold back when talking about the famous family

Former Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly has branded the Kardashians a ‘force for evil’ and claims they displayed ‘unrivalled vanity’ on social media. You can see her share her opinions here:

Kim and co may be the one of the most famous families in the world, with more than one billion Instagram followers between them - but it seems you can’t please everyone and podcaster and talk show host Kelly did not hold back when she was making her feelings know. 

Speaking on The Megyn Kelly Show podcast, the 51-year-old said the Kardashians had fuelled a ‘focus on one’s self’ and ‘ego’ in the pursuit of likes and clicks on social media platform. 

She said: "They didn't do it by themselves. But more than any other, they've had a terrible effect in that lane. And I do blame them. I do."

Megyn Kelly has slammed the Kardashians.
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Kelly went on to talk about the time she interviewed the Kardashians for a show to mark the 10th anniversary of their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians

She recalled: “I interviewed them and I said, ‘Are you a force for good or are you a force for evil?’ And they gave me their answer.

“But the more I’ve watched them over the years, the more I think that it’s evil.”

Kelly added: “I don’t think this is healthy and that’s why I object to — it’s their disgusting vanity which is spread like wildfire in our society.

“The selfie culture is abhorrent to me. I think that’s what I’m responding to as opposed to some titillation from a beautiful woman here and there.” 

During the NBC segment Kelly mentioned on the podcast, she asked the family: “Are you a force for good or evil?” 

To which Kim replied: “I think we’ve honestly through our show — we’ve shown so much more positive things.

Kelly said the family showcased ‘unrivalled vanity’

"The amount of feedback we get even from Kendall and Kylie’s dad transitioning and people now knowing how to handle that or how to deal with that. They only want to focus on ‘Oh they’re superficial, oh they’re wearing makeup.'" 

Kris also chipped in to point out that her youngest daughter Kylie, who was still a teen at the time, was running a very successful business employing 600 people. 

Prompting proud big sister Kendall to add: "My little sister has an insane business. Anyone who says they don’t want their kid to be like that and have an insane business at 19 and be successful is insane to me."

Featured Image Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show podcast/Instagram/kimkardashian

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